Danielle Rowe

On Sunday May 8th, 2016, at 6.35am, my Husband and I were woken by a knock at the door – it was the police! I was given the worst news possible. I was told my 24-year-old daughter Dani had suddenly passed away. I still hear these words over and over in my head – these […]

Christopher Dixon

You are not the same, after losing a significant person in your life, especially if it is your child. In that moment when you hear of it, or are with them when they leave, the person that you were dies with them. You no longer act, react or interact the way you did before. You […]

Conor John Delaney

20th September 1996 – 28th April 2013. Conor was a happy, fun loving, intelligent young boy, who never wanted more than he needed; he had his whole life ahead of him and had hoped to be a fireman. On the 26th April 2013 my husband and I dropped Conor to his nan’s were he was […]

Chloe Waddell

Chloe, was a lively, bubbly, hardworking and caring 16 year old, with an infectious sense of humour and a smile always on her face. She was patient, kind and thoughtful and always had time to care for and encourage everyone she knew in every aspect of life. Chloe was also a dedicated and talented swimmer […]

Neil Ward

It was Friday 18th December 1992, our last day at school – Neil aged 17 and in Year 13; Alistair aged 15 and in Year 10; my husband Ian from Sheffield University; and myself, a teacher, but not at the same school as the boys. I’d been so proud that day as I’d taken in some […]

Neil ‘Kymatik’ Schuyleman

What can possibly prepare you for the total shock of being told – however gently – that your beloved only son had suddenly and unexpectedly ‘passed away’. What! How? When? The thought rushed through my head ‘Can I get there to see him before it is too late!’. Then the dawning impact that the strong, […]

Luke Morton

The phone call……….15th February 2013 from the Metropolitan Police, changed my life forever. I was to be told that my strong, fit, healthy 20-year old-son had been rushed to the Royal Free Hospital in Camden after collapsing at work. My mind was in turmoil at what could have happened but NOTHING could have prepared me […]

Hari Raman

October 15th to October 18th 2013 – the most traumatic days. On October 15th, my 23 year old son Hari had a sudden cardiac arrest due to a relapse of TB Meningitis. I was at the hospital with my husband and within 10 minutes Hari was shifted to the ICU to revive his heart. After […]

Ian Hoggarth

Ian was fit and healthy. Friends joked he was the only person who cycled to work going 30 miles in the wrong direction! He had moved from Thomson Reuters in Nottingham to Sage in Manchester to be nearer to his sister Gen and girlfriend a few weeks before. He let the house he had lovingly […]

Daniel Nicholls

10th December 2012 – a day that will stay with me and my family forever… 16 years earlier I had been blessed at 35 with a lovely son, brother to Louise and Leanne, aged 15 and 13. A bit of a surprise, but he brought so much joy to our lives. On the Sunday we […]