CRY Cake Bake at South Cheshire College


On Friday 24 November 2017 a cake bake was held at South Cheshire College in memory of Ceri Palmer nee Howells, to help raise more funds for CRY Heart Screenings.

It was a really busy morning with lots of staff and students calling at the stall to buy delicious cakes and support the raffle. Also there were great opportunities to raise awareness of CRY and the life saving work they are doing. Some students volunteered to help Alison (mum of Ceri and who works at the college) which was an amazing support and they seemed to really enjoy being able to help.

There were so many cakes donated that a member of staff and students took trays filled with cakes and visited staff all over the college so they didn’t miss out on the chance to buy cakes and support CRY. Alison explained to many people that there will be an upcoming CRY Screening held at South Cheshire College in February 2018.

The total amount raised was £234.50.