CRY provides emotional support through a network of volunteers who have suffered the sudden death of a child, sibling or partner. They have completed a two year British Association of Counselling (BAC) accredited course so that they can support others through their loss.

So many people have contacted CRY wondering if there are others who they could talk to, who have suffered similarly. No matter how much professional support is offered, sometimes just talking to someone ‘who has been through a similar experience’ helps the most.

CRY offers telephone support with our trained Bereavement Supporters, and also holds Bereavement Support Days, for anyone who has lost a young person (aged 35 and under) to a sudden cardiac death.

There are two types of Bereavement Support Days; Regional Bereavement Support Days and National Bereavement Support Days. These are for people who would like to understand more about how to cope with the sudden death of a young person from an undiagnosed heart condition and would like to meet other in a similar position.

Regional Bereavement Support Days, held in various venues around the UK, are for anyone who has lost a young person to a sudden cardiac death.

National Bereavement Support Days are held in central Birmingham. These are exclusive events held specifically for mums, dads, siblings and partners.





If you have suffered a bereavement please call us on 01737 363222



In 2011 CRY held the first Bereavement Support Day specifically for siblings who had lost a brother or sister to a young sudden cardiac death. This inspired the first in our series of Grief Booklets, ‘Sibling Grief’, which was launched in 2012, followed by ‘A Father’s Grief’ which was launched on Father’s Day 2013. February 2014 will saw the launch of ‘A Partners’ Grief. March 2015 a booklet specifically for Mums was launched. Each booklet contains ten personal stories written by individuals who have experienced the tragedy of a young sudden cardiac death.