CRY's Mobile Screening Programme

CRY has a mobile screening team of medically qualified personnel, who will visit sports clubs, schools and other community venues on request, to screen people between the ages of 14 and 35. In very rare circumstances, children under the age of 14 might be screened by special request. This is because ECG Testing on pre-pubescent children is inconclusive (see FAQs about screening).

Our Screening Team consists of a Doctor, an Echo Technician, one or more ECG Technicians, an Administrator and a Screening Manager who will set up the equipment on site.

VANClients who are invited to attend screenings will be required to sign a consent form and complete a health questionnaire, prior to the date of the screening. It must be emphasised that if a diagnosis of a cardiac condition is confirmed it may have implications with regard to life insurance and mortgage applications for the individual, hence the need for a signed consent form.

Any person who is considered to have an abnormal ECG will be given an ECHO on the day; and some people may also be invited to have a full cardiac evaluation at a later date.

After the date of the screening, every person’s ECG/ECHO, completed health questionnaire and consent form will be forwarded to CRY’s expert doctors for research purposes – increasing our understanding of the conditions and ultimately helping to reduce the number of young sudden cardiac deaths.

To find out more about CRY’s Mobile Screening Programme, please contact CRY on 01737 363222 or e-mail

Welwyn Garden City Ladies Youth FCHolding a CRY screening in your local area

A way of introducing testing to the local community can be achieved by CRY supporters who choose to fundraise specifically to hold a CRY screening session in their area – perhaps even with the long term aim of offering testing in the local community on a regular annual basis.
CRY supporters wishing to organise a screening event work in conjunction with CRY’s Screening Programme Manager to book a venue, advertise the event and ensure that all necessary paperwork (provided by CRY) is made available to potential clients.

All client paperwork is subsequently returned to CRY doctors for review and clients and their GPs are notified of findings. Anyone found to have an abnormal ECG on the day will also be given an Echocardiogram on the day and may also be invited to undergo further cardiac tests at a later date.

For more information please contact CRY on 01737 363222 or email
CRY screenings in schools
Since 2010 has had ethical approval to screen in state schools as well as private schools.
Amongst other things, screening in schools will:

  • Raise awareness of symptoms.
  • Encourage young people to take better care of their heart / health in a broader sense.
  • Educate School Nurses and Sports Personnel and help them identify potential problems.
  • Reassure and offer information to parents who are well aware that these deaths occur and often cannot gain access to medical information that is simple enough for them to understand.

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