Great Cake Bake at the Jelly Roll cafe


At the end of November we held our CRY Great Bake Sale. Never have I seen so many people, friends and family turn out in such force. You were all awesome! Thank you. There was family that travelled a 4 hour round trip to surprise me! Friends of friends, family friends, the cake lovers, the people that have their own personal reason to support the charity – all gathered together in one place, spilling out onto the street!

The total taken on the day was a staggering £1800!!!! Jaw dropping! But we knew we still had some cake to sell (Debbie kindly said she would continue to sell the cake in the cafe as well as collecting donations as the cafes chosen charity)… we were so close it would be nice to round it up to £2000 wouldn’t it?! I also shared my fundraising page on Facebook for those that didn’t make it to be able to donate their coffee and cake money, and the total began to rise…. later that day when the piece in the Gloucestershire Echo went out with a link to my fundraiser page we received even more donations, some from people I know and some that I don’t!

So… drum roll please… as it stands we have raised the staggering amount of £2169.25 including Gift Aid.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

Sally Openshaw

*This is an excerpt from Sally’s blog ‘Fitting into my New Genes’, read more about the rest of the day here.