Heart Screening Event – 25th & 26th November 2017

Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund

Less than a month after the previous screening event the CRY team we back in our region over the weekend of 25/26 November 2017 to carry out more screening for local young people. The £7,000 cost was again covered by past donations to Jamie’s Fund at CRY.

The team consisted of Peter & Jason as coordinators / registration team with Pauline, Irish & Helen carrying out the ECG work. Jan (Saturday) and Lorna (Sunday) were in charge of any required
ultrasound tests. CRY Research Fellow and Cardiologist, Stathis was in attendance to evaluate the ECG print outs and talk to patients.

Graham & Jenny once again joined the team for most of the two days and transported them to and from the hotel, as well as providing lunch for the team each day. On Sunday evening they took the CRY team to the local station in time to catch their various trains back home to London and Norfolk.

Over the two days, the team screened 213 young people. Of those screened, 13 had an additional ultrasound echocardiogram and 9 were referred to their GP for further investigation.
CRY statistics show that 1:100 people screened will be found to have an irregularity with their heart and 1:300 will have a potentially life-changing condition. These statistics are seemingly borne out by the results of screening carried out through Jamie’s Fund.

The next scheduled screening event is to be held in May 2018.

Graham Loncaster

(Photo L-R: Irish, Jenny Loncaster, Pauline, Stathis, Lorna, Jason, Graham Loncaster and Peter)