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London Marathon 2005

By Katharine Lawrence


For me, the Marathon was all about why I was taking part.  Tragically my cousin Ben died as a result of an undiagnosed cardiac defect.  The extended family have been fundraising for CRY ever since, and Ben's two sisters - Paula and Cheryl - and Paula's husband, took part in the Marathon very soon after Ben's death.  The courage they displayed gave me the determination to raise funds in the same way.


The training was challenging, especially after not getting an entry the first year I tried.  So, I continued to train through two long British winters, often finding time at 6am before a day's work.  The only reason I continued my training so religiously was not of physical strength, but the thoughts I held about my family.

When I finally got my ballot entry, I was delighted it was actually happening.  I did have my doubts, but the dedication of the people I trained with kept me going - I owe them big time!

The day of the 2005 London Marathon was perfect.  Bright sunshine, cool conditions.

I had the time of my life - I enjoyed every minute.  After 18 miles I met up with my family for the last time on route.  I was hot, sweaty, and could feel my charity T-shirt rubbing my skin.  I took the top shirt off and continued running in my training vest.

For me, the remaining miles were agonising both physically and emotionally, but more so because I had lost the visual identity of who I was raising money for.

To complete the London Marathon is a most rewarding experience.  I have held onto that feeling ever since.

So now, four months after the marathon I am still running.  Its something I enjoy, yet my thoughts on those long lonely miles are always with the intentions I began this mission with.



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