Maureen Ward – Pembrokeshire

Maureen Ward has been a resident of Tenby all her adult life and in that time has had a major impact on this idyllic seaside medieval town.

Her popularity led to her being appointed Mayor of Tenby three times in four years – the only lady to be re-elected in Tenby’s 606 year history!

A woman whose love of life and people is commensurate with her great energy to campaign for the vulnerable, Maureen’s typical working day might include a 5 am start with a group from the Council to visit Westminster with a petition, and finish in the Bingo Hall tucking her mayoral chains under her seat, so they don’t get in the way!

Maureen has run the Tenby Animal Rescue Centre from her home for over twenty years – a charity she started when she gave up her nursing career to spend more time with her children.

Seemingly every person and animal in Tenby rejoices in knowing Maureen and you need to be a migrating bird or foreign tourist for her not to have an in-depth update on current and historical issues affecting all human and animal residents. Maureen is as likely to be contacted for advice on issues as variable as rescuing gannets from an oil slick, or how to cheer up a lovesick Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, to getting another ambulance for the town.

The terrible tragedy of sudden death from cardiomyopathy of her beloved son, Caradoc, one of the great young characters of Tenby and a man loved by all who knew him has fuelled her determination to help CRY in our campaign for emphasising the importance of cardiac screening facilities for young people. Maureen’s rich humour, deep compassion and prevailing sense of justice for those in need, are an inspiration to all who know her. We are lucky indeed to have such a potent crusader for our goals on our CRY team.