A Mother’s Grief booklet

The booklet, ‘Young Sudden Cardiac Death: A Mother’s Grief’ which has been compiled by CRY’s Chief Executive & Founder and former bereavement counsellor, Alison Cox MBE, features 10 chapters from women who recount and talk through their personal experience of suddenly losing their son or daughter to a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

It is with this in mind that the bereavement support team at CRY developed this booklet in the charity’s ‘grief series’, knowing that bereaved mothers – and parents – often find most solace and support from others who have been through a similar experience.

Alison Cox says; “The impact on a mother of her child’s death is well documented but it is now properly recognised that they cannot be “replaced” by mother having another baby, “time does NOT heal” nor will mother one day “move on.” Family members all grieve differently but in a battle to help her partner, her other children or her own parents, a mum can become totally swamped by the shared mourning of their intolerable loss. Yet, craving to hear or say her dead child’s name to keep their memory alive can result in her subconsciously excluding the needs of other family members.

“The grief, the numbness, the barren despair of a mother dealing with the inexplicable sudden death of an apparently fit and healthy child, with no time to say goodbye establishes young sudden cardiac death at the cutting edge of grief. It is so out of order with the sequence of life that its effects are devastating. And then, to then learn that her child was carrying a genetic undiagnosed heart condition – leaving other children at risk until they have been screened – leaves her not only with her tragedy but also living with the terror that they too could be affected.

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