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My Story (all stories)

These pages are for you to share with others your experiences of loss due to young sudden cardiac death. If you would like your thoughts to be included in this section of the website, please email your words, photos / images, songs, videos and poems to mystory@c-r-y.org.uk or post them to the CRY office (if requested, photos will be returned via Recorded Delivery).


Daniel Nicholls
10th December  2012 - a day that will stay with me and my family forever...  


16 years earlier I had been blessed at 35 with a lovely son, brother to Louise and Leanne, aged 15 and 13. A bit of a surprise, but he brought so much joy to our lives.


On the Sunday we all went up to my husband's parents for Granddad's birthday. It was a lovely pleasant afternoon where we were all together, laughing and joking, not knowing what horror would come to our door the next day. That terrible Monday morning, I went into Danny's room and looked at him sleeping in bed. I closed his window and left him sleeping as it was his day off college. I left him a list of jobs to do and left for work.  more


Adrian Marchant
My bright loving son died at the age of almost 19.  He came home from university for Christmas, full of excitement at seeing his friends again and telling us how much he was enjoying Southampton.

On the morning of 2nd January 1982 I sat on his bed, asking him what he would like for his breakfast.  He fell back on his pillow and died.

He did not smoke or take drugs and was a keen sportsman.  Paramedics were with us in minutes but to no avail.  They found nothing at the post mortem.  The inquest six months later was a bit of farce.  more


Stephen Connor
The morning of 8th December was just like any other Sunday;  Stephen woke up to get ready for football while I stopped in bed. Stephen said goodbye and gave me a kiss and said "see you later".  He went outside and changed the cars around so he could drive his to football, then he came back inside and shouted "bye" one last time.


I just wish now he had gotten me up to move my own car like he always did. Then I would have seen him one last time. 


I got up and got ready as I was going out with my mum and sister to the Christmas markets. At 11:10 I got a phone call from one of the football lads telling me that Stephen had collapsed and I needed to get to the hospital.  more


Jon Hayman
The New Year 2013 started with a lovely New Year’s Eve and a coastal walk of 4 miles the next day, for a pub lunch with friends. Jonathan rang me, from Sweden, later that day to wish me a Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year. A call from Jon was always the icing on the cake.


I had just been thinking that life couldn’t get much better. My husband and I had recently retired. Our daughter, Philippa, was happily married to Lewis. Jonathan had been engaged to Hannah for 6 months. I had a beautiful granddaughter of 7 months to enjoy.


Then two days later on January 3rd we received the call from hell – Jonathan was dead.


How could that be? I had spoken to him two days before.  more


Sophia Forrester
It is hard to predict what will happen each day, but most days are variations on a theme.


Friday 19th of May 2011 felt like a normal day when I woke up, but I never went to sleep that night. At 8.00pm I was informed by a police officer that my little sister Sophia, 19 years old, had died.


Disbelief was the main feeling I felt. How could that be true? I spoke to her on the phone last night! How can this have happened?! How can she not be here any more?!


Sophia was at university, about to do her end of year exams. She was healthy! Nothing made any sense.  more


Joe Parkinson
1st February 2012: me, my brother, my mum and dad all woke up to start a normal day at college and work, not realising that this day was going to change our lives forever and tip our world upside-down.


It was 4pm and we were all home.  Me and my best friend were having our tea; my mum was washing up; my dad was ready to go out on a run with his friend; and my brother was already out on a run.  This was like any other day.


5.30pm: Dad's home from his run and we're all sitting watching TV - but no sign of my brother, Joe, and his tea is going cold on the side. We just think he must of run to his girlfriend's and is having his tea there and will be getting dropped off later...  more


David Green
David Green was born on Sunday March 3rd 1991 at 3.27am. A beautiful baby boy who came into this world with a strong and wilful spirit that prevailed throughout his short life.


He loved his sports and played competitive sports from a very young age. His love for hockey and football continued until his last days. On December 1st 2010 our beloved son left this life. He quietly departed with no fuss or bother, dreaming maybe of his beloved hockey and football. A life lived to the fullest and a soul we were privileged to have met. So loved and missed.


The last words I spoke to my son David were “goodbye” as I left the house for work on Wednesday 1st December 2010 - words that I now find so hard to say.  more


Harry Faulkner
On the 7th February 2013 I received the phone call that all mothers dread…”Donna, Harry has collapsed and you need to get down to the squash club as soon as you can!”


Harry was 18 on the 30th of December 2012 and like any dedicated sportsman he delayed the traditional birthday drinks as he had an upcoming tournament for which he had trained hard - especially with it being his last major event as a junior.  Circumstances and weather conspired against Harry and it wasn’t until February 1st that he managed to get out with his college friends for that long overdue birthday celebration.

Harry was a wonderful son who never brought any trouble to our door, in fact he only ever brought joy and happiness.  more


Andrew Dovey
Where to begin? I had my first baby at 18, he was 9lb 8oz and took 44 hours to arrive! He was my angel - such a good baby and so so clever. His first Christmas and at 10 months old he was already walking and chatting away at his favourite programme, 'Sesame Street'. It seems such a long time ago.  Fast forward nearly 18 years later and I have a young man in my house! Funny, talented, family oriented, loved his computer games and football.

Although he was almost 18 I would get texts all the time asking "where are you mom?", "when you coming home?", "what are your plans for tomorrow?", etc.

Studying IT at college and with many plans for his future, we just got on every day as a family and most days there was lots of laughter.  more


Leon Mansell

Leon Mansell
“Love you mom.” A phrase taken for granted by many, but for this mom a saying that will stay with her forever. Said by her youngest son aged just 14, for what she never thought would be the last time, his last words said to her, his last ever words. This is the story of the tragic and life changing loss of our brother and son Leon John Mansell, 06/07/1996 – 05/01/2011.


With a smile on his face, his bag on his back and the cold January chill on his breath Leon made his last trip to school. A good start to what will soon become the most memorable day of our lives.


“He laughed, he smiled, he was happy” is how friends described him in his last moments.  more


Thomas Hardman
Our son Tom Hardman was studying Sports & Exercise Science at Leeds Met University and was in his final year.   


On 28th November 2012 we received the devastating news that Tom had passed away in his sleep, 5 days before his 22nd birthday.  


Tom was a very fit and healthy young man and well known for his sporting ability.  From an early age he was involved in competitive sport - football and roller hockey - but his passion was cricket. He spent most of his early years with Heywood Cricket Club playing in the Central Lancashire League and was selected to play for the Lancashire Academy and the second team.  more


Rachel Heather
Our daughter Rachel died aged 17, in October 2009. 

We had a great holiday in Mexico together 3 weeks before she died and I thought things could not get any better. 

Our camera was stolen so we don’t have any of the last photos of Rachel.

Rachel was the best thing that ever happened to us. Since we have lost her we have got old before our time.  more


Craig Salmon
7.50pm on the 14th June 2009, our lives changed forever.


It started as a normal Sunday. Craig, (known as “Kingy”) had rung in the morning to speak with Natalie, his 4 year old niece, which was a normal occurrence as Craig always made sure he spoke or saw her every day.  He arranged that he would come over in the evening to see her as he needed to do some bailing for his dad (my father-in-law) and then had a BBQ in the afternoon.  It was summer and my in-laws have a farm and contracting business, so even though Craig was not at his day job at JCB, he was working for his dad. 


The day passed in a normal haze, nothing out of the ordinary.  Then we received a call at 7.00pm to say that no-one had heard from Craig...  more


Bobby Vinod Puri
On 30th June 2003, we sadly lost our loving brother Bobby, at the tender age of 29.  It was unexpected, sudden, and the most devastating event that shook all our lives. 


He was the eldest of 4 siblings, the apple our of parents' eyes. 


He was fun-loving and made all those around him smile and want to be around him.


His loss has left a void amongst family and friends, who until this day will never understand how such a special person could be taken away so suddenly.  more


Philip Standing
How were we to know that this was the last day of Phil’s life? I had received a text on Wednesday June 27th at 7pm. “Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend, love Phil.”


I had been on a 'Mentors' course at Southampton General Hospital on the Thursday afternoon, stimulating and interesting. I had bought a dress for my friend’s wedding on the way home. Keith - my husband of 8 weeks, but friend and partner for 16 years - had been at Mottisfont as usual working in the grounds.


We were just doing the simple ordinary things of everyday life.  No signs or symptoms of the tragedy awaiting Phil, Kate, Oliver, Ben, Ruth, Keith, myself and so many others.  I had spoken to Michael (Phil’s Uncle) on the phone at 7pm......  more


Michael David Yendall
Michael - who "loved to live and lived to love". A giant of a man, literally and physically, who at only 19 was someone so giving, so considerate and so hard working.  He was admired by everyone of all ages and was someone who loved to have family and friends around him.


Even from his earliest years Michael was organised! 


I remember his first holiday abroad when, after a long tiring journey and in the small hours, we arrived at the apartment and he unclipped himself from his push chair, climbed out, took his little haversack from his back and unpacked his favourite toys, placing them carefully around his bedroom before climbing into bed - priceless!  more


Roberto Ingaran
My name is Michelle Bairstow and I lost my Fiancé Roberto Ingaran on Wednesday 21st November 2012. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 37.


Roberto was the life and soul of any party. We met in 2009 whilst working onboard the Queen Victoria cruise ship together. He is from the Philippines and his nature was kind, loving, protective, and generous. He made me feel like a princess every single second I was with him. He loved music and that was his passion. He would always DJ in the bar on an evening at the crew parties, and I was so so very proud of him. He worked hard in the bar department and he deserved every single bit of joy.


In October 2012, we finally spent a vacation together.  more


Richard Butcher
On January 10th 2011 my beautiful husband Richard passed away in his sleep. Richard was 29 years old, he would have turned 30 just 12 days later. 


Richard and I had married only 7 months earlier. We first met each other in 2002 and I can still clearly remember the day I set eyes on him. He was the definition of perfection to me in every way.


It wasn't until 2005 that we became 'an item', but from then on we were never far from each other's side. This regularly led to friendly jibes from our friends but we were each other's soul mate and happiest when we were together.  more


Michael Land
Our beautiful son Michael passed away on 4th February 2012 at the age of 28 years.  Our lives will never be the same again.  We are left devastated and heartbroken.  We love Michael so dearly.

Michael burst into the world on 16th April 1983, a younger brother for Frazer.  Michael was a kind, loving, devoted son and brother; and was such a loyal and caring friend and partner. 


He was ambitious and loved sport - especially rugby.  He played for many teams including Crofton, Keighley Cougars, Doncaster and York RI, where he also coached.  more


Andrew Macleod
My name is Murdo Macleod and I live in the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.


Andrew Macleod, my son, was born in April 1990 and became the focus and purpose of the lives of my wife, Dolina and I.


We were not blessed with any other children, but we considered ourselves fortunate to have been so lucky to have Andrew in our lives.


Life was contented and full of things to look forward too, until the morning of 21st October 2011, when the bottom fell out of our world!  more


Adam Swanwick
On the 2nd September 2012, my fiancé (partner of 10 years) Adam collapsed and later died of a heart attack. We were on the way to try food for our wedding day, that was due to take place on the 27th October 2012.


He was 28, fit and played football every weekend with training sessions during the week.


The evening before the 2nd September, we'd been out to the local pub and had a really good night. Strangely, I videoed Adam dancing - for most of the video he didn't actually do any dancing but I stayed filming him. Adam used to get called Jagger (Mick Jagger - due to his big lips), the next song to come on during the video is 'Moves like Jagger'.  Then at the very end, Adam walks right up to the camera and it ends on his face.  more


Carmen Catanescu

I lost my girlfriend Carmen to a Congenital Coarctation of the Aorta on the 25th of September 2012. She was the love of my life - a fantastic daughter, sister and friend. She was very bubbly, outgoing and friendly to everyone she met, she always wore a beaming smile and was so full of life.


I was lucky to find my soul mate that Saturday night in December 2009 on the dance floor in Chicago's, dancing away as she so enjoyed. We fell for each other quite quickly over that Christmas period, going bowling, a snowy walk over Kinver Edge and seeing 'Avatar' which had just been released at the cinema. I felt relaxed with Carmen, she was so easy to be around we could talk about anything.  more


David Smiley
David died on 30th December 2011. He was 23.  For two days before, we had been together as a family playing Pictionary in the lounge and enjoying being together. We have the usual photos and mobile phone footage of people being silly and enjoying themselves. Actually, these are so helpful now to look back on with fondness.


On the day he left to go back to Kent to get packed for his skiing holiday to Bulgaria, David delayed his departure to come with his younger brother and me to the driving range at my Golf Club. Many times before, as they were growing up, my sons and I had a laugh trying to hit balls straight and eventually be good enough to go on a par 3 course.  I was quite surprised and delighted to notice how much David had improved.  more


Alexandra Louca
Our healthy, beautiful daughter passed away on 19th January 2012.  Our hearts are broken. Please pray for us.

My daughter was so happy at Christmas time in Dubai where she kissed a dolphin, Lisa.  My daughter then on 19th January passed away while walking at school - she fell and stopped breathing. Her twin sister Elizabeth watched her die.

Siderus International Orphanage School in Indorre, India, has since been dedicated to my daughter Alexandra Louca; and I have started a petition - www.change.org/en-GB/users/33136887 - for defibrillators in every school in Cyprus.  more


Jordan Burnett
I really need to share Jordan's story! Jord (as we always call him) was 19 years old. When he turned 18, he chose to buy a one-way ticket to San Francisco, California.

Jord wrote me a beautiful note, saying he wanted to find himself in this world - I have that note framed now! He expressed how much he loved me, he just needed to take this journey.  Little did I know it would be the last year and a half of his life here on Earth! 

Jord had the most unbelievable adventures and experiences; and he was healthy and happy, making an impact on everyone he encountered!  Always full of love, never judging - just loving and embracing what this world had to offer.  more


Philippa Chowne
Our beautiful, kind, clever, fun-loving daughter died at home on the evening of 14th December 2011. She was fifteen years old, in perfect health and with everything in life to live for.


On the day after her death, when we were in deepest shock, we discovered that our darling daughter had trended on Twitter as the third most talked about person in the world. It was so wonderful to read all the nice things people shared about her. Tributes on Facebook, Twitter and her School website described her as: ”beautiful, gorgeous, loving, cheerful, happy, infectious.”


Close friends wrote: “Never once was a bad word said about you, and never did you speak badly of anyone.”  more


Stephen James Adams
My gorgeous (6ft 8in) man Steve Adams opened his dream Thai boxing gym (Golden Team) in Leeds in June 2009, while I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter Olivia. Just before her 1st birthday Steve proposed and we booked our wedding. We were very excited and it seemed like all our dreams had come true.  We were also celebrating another baby on the way; but just 3 days after my 12 week scan Steve collapsed outside his gym!

He had stepped out for some fresh air during a training session at around 12.30pm on Saturday 20th November 2010.  One of our friends found him and shouted in the gym for help.  His students and paramedics tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead at the LGI hospital at 2pm.  more


Kyle Nathan Hancock
Our wonderful son and angel Kyle went to sleep on the 16th of October 2011 and never woke up again, aged 18, exactly 6 months after his 18th Birthday. Kyle was born on the 17th of April 1993. We live in the village of Bradwell in the Hope Valley, in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire.


Kyle was a devoted sports fan, especially football and his beloved Sheffield Wednesday. He was always on the internet looking at all the football and sport pages or watching Sky Sports News. Kyle had just moved to the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, on the 11th September 2011, to study a 3 year BA Hons Degree in Sports Journalism; and wanted to progress into broadcasting journalism - especially football, “the beautiful game” as he would say.  more


Adam Rowbottom
My son Adam was 23 years old when he passed away in his sleep on 7th July 2011, the day my world changed forever. Adam was a fit and seemingly healthy young man, a non-smoker who regularly exercised through cycling and walking. He didn’t take any drugs, but liked a few drinks on weekends; nothing abnormal about that, I’d say.

Adam still lived at home with Mum, but was due to start University in September and looked forward to ‘leaving the nest’. We spent the whole previous day together as he had been on holiday from his part-time job at Tesco’s, indulging in PC gaming at home. He had tucked into his dinner with gusto in the evening. Not once did he complain about feeling unwell and there simply were no warning symptoms, at least none that I observed or that he talked about.  more


Andrew Neil Mogg
Our son, Andrew Neil Mogg, died on 14th June 2009 while out running - one day after his 22nd birthday.


Andrew had always been a fit, healthy young man who was always out running or at the gym.  He started to get palpitations in September 2008.  He went to the Medical Centre and had an ECG whereupon they said that there were some abnormalities and made him an appointment at the hospital for further investigations.


He had another ECG, a running test, an Echocardiogram and four heart monitors from that time until his death.  more


Tony Lee Atkins
Tony had moderate learning difficulties all of his life and was classed as having special needs - although he had absolutely no trouble playing his X-Box.  Tony was a great lover of gaming consoles.


It was Sunday 24th January; the day started like any other day, the only difference being we had a Christening to attend. Tony had been up most of the night playing games so we left him in bed. Its quite spooky really because whilst at the Christening me and Mum had a conversation in which I said I wasn't quite sure whether I actually believed in God. I told her I thought there was 'something' but I wasn't sure what; and we both believed that there was a big black book with the date you would be born and how and when your death would occur.  more


Alex Simpson
On 13th January 2011, our lives were changed forever. My lovely son Alex passed away. Alex was 3 weeks off his nineteenth birthday.

He was a typical teenage lad, liked nights out with his friends and spent a lot of time with his girlfriend of almost 3 years, Jodie.

He had been to work that day and the gym before meeting up with Jodie and they spent the night at our house - which was very unusual as Jodie didn’t normally stop on a work night. They went to bed after watching TV.  more


Ben Daniels
Ben was passionate about sport. Cricket, football and tennis were his mainstays, playing for Old Elthamians CC, Ravens Wood School,  Ex Blues FC, and Bromley Tennis Club. He also had a wonderful  love of music and played the guitar.


Most recently he had embarked on the pathway to be a sports coach, becoming a Young Leader in Cricket with plans to do his Level 1 coaching qualification. Ben represented Old Elthamians CC in every age group and every senior team bar the 1st XI. 

For his school Ben helped his cricket team win the U14 Schools Kent Cup for the first time ever. He was immensely proud of being part of this team and what it achieved.  more


Craig Burling
My son Craig was 23 years old when he was taken away from us on the 23rd August 2011. We are left totally heartbroken and to keep asking the question "Why?".

On Monday 22nd August, Craig came home from work at five o'clock as he normally did, but this particular day he was absolutely buzzing. He had just been to the travel agents and booked a holiday with his girlfriend Sarah; he was telling me about where they had booked to go and asked me if I would look on the Internet to check the trains to Manchester Airport. I said I would and he then said, "Well I had better get ready to go to football". He played six-a-side football every Monday - he loved his footie and he had been playing from the age of five. He got his footie kit on and shouted to me "See you later Ma!".  more


Pete Hinchliffe
I would like to tell you about my brother Pete.


Pete was 33 when he died on the 11th of September 2010.  Pete died at the roadside after getting off his bike, presumably as he felt unwell.  A couple of bystanders started CPR and called for an Ambulance.  His good friend Danny, who he was going to meet for a bike ride, rode past and witnessed the scene unfolding.  He phoned my parents and they rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately Pete had died.


Pete died doing what he loved. He had been a semi-professional road cyclist competing locally as well as at a National level and had spent time in Belgium cycling.  more


Tom Wall
On the 31st August 2011 my friend, Tom Wall, collapsed whilst playing football with mates. He suffered from Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) and although everything possible was done by those with him and paramedics, he sadly passed away.


The day before he had returned from a camping trip in Cornwall with friends and family and did not waste any time before getting straight back on Xbox.


We had a great time playing on FIFA 11 and Call of Duty Black Ops – two of his favourite games. We spoke over the Xbox about many things ranging from games in progress to his much higher levels than myself in many games - a bit of gloating of course.  more


Josh Fell
On the 9th June 2011 our beautiful 15 year old son Josh Fell went out to play football with his friends on the local school field.  That was the last time we saw him alive. 


He passed away from SADS on the school field after feeling tired and dizzy after playing football.  He had only been 15 for 5 weeks.


Josh had gone out as normal to play football with his friends on the 9th June. After spending some time on his PS3, he had a phone call asking him to go out to play football.  I remember he came down stairs and asked me for some money to go to the shop; I gave him some money, ruffled his hair and told him to get a haircut as it was getting long.  more


Sarah Booth
In June 2010 my wife Ita and myself celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary with a long weekend in the beautiful City of Rome.  While there we reflected on how sweet our life was and how fortunate we were to have three lovely children in Claire (19), Owen (16) and Sarah (15). However in the weekend following our return from Rome our perfect existence was to be torn apart.

In the early hours of Sunday morning the 20th of June a Police Sergeant called at our door with the news that our beautiful daughter, Sarah was being rushed by ambulance to the Ulster Hospital.  She uttered the chilling words “your daughter has a very faint pulse but there are no respiratory signs”.  Sarah had gone out that sunny Saturday afternoon to shop with...  more


Steffani Broughton
My name is Ian Broughton and I live in a small town called Beith in Ayrshire. I’m married to Irene, have three children, Siobhan, Scott and Steffani and a granddaughter called Taylor. CRY came into our lives following the death of our 17 year old daughter Steffani.  She died in her sleep on the 2nd September 2007.

It was the saddest, most traumatic day that we could ever imagine. It changed our world forever. How do you ever start to comprehend how a healthy young person who has everything in life to look forward to goes to bed at night and by the morning they are gone?


Steffani was a kind, caring, loving girl who always went out of her way to help others...  more


Lyndon Cook
On October 29th 2010 our beloved son Lyndon Cook went to bed and didn’t wake up; he was only 29 years old.


He died from a heart attack caused by Coronary Heart Disease that he never knew he had.  He was a healthy young man who ate healthily and rarely drank alcohol.  He was so proud to have lost 2½ stone shortly before his death.


He was a polite, friendly and a well-mannered young man and was loved by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.  He was quiet with people he did not know well, but with his friends and family he was well known for his affectionate laughter and one-liner jokes.  more


Peter Elliott
On May 23rd 2010 we very suddenly lost our cousin Peter Elliott. Peter was a healthy 21 year old, even though he had cerebral palsy. He never let this hold him back or get in his way and it did not contribute to his death.

Peter's life was short but he packed in a lot of what he wanted to do - especially with his love for music, by forever going to concerts and festivals.

None of our family had ever heard of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome prior to Peter's death.  Peter had absolutely no symptoms, the doctors explained it was "like a light going out" - which to the family is the only comfort to his death: that he felt nothing.  more


Ibrahim Bash-Taqi
The sudden death of my amazing 17 year old son Ibrahim Bash-Taqi ('Ditto' to us and 'Cruzer' to his Facebook pals) feels like having a rug on which I was standing firmly, pulled suddenly from under my feet.

The pain is sharp and the thudding does not subside.

I had him when I was only 23 years old - straight out of university and I had never been so sure of any decision in my life. I wanted this child.  more


Connor Huett
This is my brother, Connor. He was born on October 20th, 1992, when I was aged 4 ½. From early on in my brother's life my parents knew that something was wrong. Connor wouldn't give them eye contact and he would hardly ever cry. At first the thought was that he could be deaf, but that was soon ruled out. 


At 5 years old, Connor was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome (a form of autism), which would eventually go on to become full blown autism and severe learning difficulties.  I love my brother, as my parents do, more than is imaginable, but growing up with him could be a complete nightmare at times. Autism is difficult to fully understand and I don't believe anyone can really know what it is unless they've known someone who suffers from it.  more


Harry Edward Redfearn
Tuesday 19th October 2010 was the happiest day of my life. After five years of trying for a baby and having IVF with ICSI we were blessed with Harry, a bundle of joy weighing in at 6lbs and 6 ounces. From the minute he was born he was making strange grunting noises which, as first time parents, we had no idea what they were – we just thought he was trying to tell us something.  We weren’t wrong. 


Twelve hours later Harry was taken upstairs to the special care baby unit with poor feeding, hypoglycaemia and respiratory distress.  An echo cardiogram was carried out on Harry the next day and we received the devastating news that he had severe obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a condition that is incurable in newborns.  more


Alan Porter
Alan was a lovely person.  He had a happy childhood, always out with his friends having fun - and some mischief - as lads do.  His friend Robert was mad on fishing and Alan soon followed in his footsteps, spending his pocket money on fishing gear.  They had me dropping them off at different ponds and parts of the canal, then picking them up later.


Alan left school and went to college to do a two year Media course and did Saturdays in our family business - which is a Motor Factors.  After one year I think he finally got fed up with having to get up really early to make the long journey to college on two buses.  So, Alan came into the family business in our shop.  His duties were serving customers, stocking up and ordering parts.  He had a memory like computer...  more


Rhian Nadine Fry
The East Sussex & Kent Courier's headlines on 8th February 2001 read; "Tragic death of Rhian, 17"  The headteacher of TWGGS - Rhian's school - described her in the newspaper as “the loveliest of girls”.  She was our daughter and would have been eighteen on 19th February – just ten days later – and celebrating a joint party with her friend, Emily.

Rhian collapsed suddenly after an English lesson in front of pupils and teachers. Attempts by staff to resuscitate her failed and she was taken to the Kent & Sussex hospital in cardiac arrest where paramedics continued CPR.  She died whilst my husband and I were driving back from Eastbourne to meet her and her brother from the bus stop to take them home. The pathology report states the reason being cardiac arrhythmia.  more


Marc Howe
My name is Liz Hodgson and I live in Oxfordshire. My son, Marc Howe, died suddenly on the 19th June 2010, age 21. This is my story. I have read the other published stories and it has helped me to deal with, and come to terms with, the fact that sudden death happens without warning.

Our son Marc was diagnosed with Ebstein's Anomaly and an enlarged aorta at the age of 2, when our GP noticed an unusual heart beat. He was put on medication and monitored twice a year until he was 16 and then once a year as he had no changes or symptoms.  Because he was a large child and grew to be a 6'5" adult - and had an enlarged aorta - he was also monitored in case he had Marfans Syndrome, though he had no other classic symptoms.  more


Deborah Louise Rendle
My daughter Deborah Louise (Debbie) was the eldest of the family, our other children Michael and Martin, were both devastated at her death.


To me Debbie was not only a wonderful mother to her three children, she was also my best friend and confidante.  Debbie lived in the same village as me and every day without fail she would call in on her way to the village school, dropping off the youngest (Samuel) who was only 14 months old when she died. 


The morning of Monday 5th February 2007 was no different from any other day...  more


David Keirl
I don’t really know where to start as words don’t really do justice to fully describe David to you. David was my brother-in-law - Marc, my husband, was the eldest.


We lost David on 26th September 2008 to SADS and it was the day our lives changed forever. David had been to work on a normal late shift at Bishop Auckland hospital and had come in, had a shower and just said he was feeling a bit funny.  He then just collapsed and we lost David that night despite the  emergency services doing all they could to revive him.


Shock is an understatement really as we all tried to come to terms with what had happened.  There were no signs at all - David was a fit, healthy young man...  more


Dave Williams
My name is Joe Kettle and I would like to share my story with you.

On the evening of 13th December 2005, my best friend Dave Williams aged 16 returned home from a kick boxing session. He told his mother that he had overdone it and his heart rate was just taking a while to get back to normal. Little did anyone know that it would be the last time anyone saw him alive.


Dave was a cheerful and giving person who always did his best to put other people’s happiness before himself; he always stuck up for what he believed in. He was a caring man who didn’t like to show emotion as he thought this would make other people upset.  more


Sarah Didinal
My close friend, Sarah Didinal, died suddenly in her sleep on June 2nd 2009. She was a fit and healthy 37-year-old who lived life to the full. She left her partner Andy and their three small sons.


Sarah and I met in Bondi Beach, Australia, in August 1997, when we were both backpacking around the world. I remember almost the exact date as it was just before Princess Diana was killed in the Paris car crash. The tragedy seemed to unite all the Brits abroad there at the time.


But it wasn’t just that ‘Brit bonding’ which helped start our friendship. We, like a lot of other backpackers at the hostel that night had had a few ‘Stanleys’ – the name of a cheap wine popular among penny-pinching travellers – and got talking about our lives back home.  more


Hannah Taylor
Maureen wanted something said for our granddaughter Hannah and, difficult though it is for me at this time, I know that I want to be the mouthpiece of both of our thoughts. Where to begin but at the beginning.


It seems as though Hannah has fought against the odds all of her life. When she was born - a mere scrap at little over 4lbs - she was all legs and feet (in fact when her uncle Clive first saw her at the hospital he called her ‘Skippy’).


Looking back she was like a leggy foal who turned into a beautiful thoroughbred. An apt description of her considering her lifelong passion for horses.  more


Adam Donnelly
Our 17 year old son Adam died suddenly on 30th July 2004.  That is the day my life changed forever.

We were on holiday in Cyprus with a group of friends – the day had started normally with breakfast and then down to the pool where we sat chatting for a while.  My husband Jed, daughter Sian and I decided we wanted to go snorkelling in a lovely bay about 10 minutes walk away but Adam decided he would prefer to stay behind.  Just before we’d left, I and another friend had been discussing teenage boys and how they can be with their mums – I said that Adam was always up for a kiss and hug – I’d given him a big kiss on the cheek and said “I love you” – he replied with his usual embarrassed “get off me!” but was smiling all the same!  That was the last thing I said to him.  more


Kerry-Anne Offord
Kerry-Anne was a special daughter, caring sister, devoted girlfriend and beloved friend.


Kerry-Anne was the girl of my dreams.  I had many a time sat back and thought to myself just how perfect life had turned out and how lucky I had been to have found Kerry-Anne - she was the complete package and ticked all the boxes.  She was beautiful, affectionate, caring, thoughtful, exuberant, and had a fantastic dry humour and wit about her – though first and foremost she reciprocated my love. 


Kerry-Anne was an extremely happy person and had a special radiance about her which touched all who were fortunate enough to have met her.  We first met 10 years ago through numerous summer days out we had spent at country shows with mutual friends.  more


Tom Morgan
Tom was 30 when he passed away on 15th June 2009.


My phone was ringing at 5.30am that morning. Panic set in, it had to be bad news. It was my Dad telling me that my brother had passed away. Disbelief set in. He was 30. He had gone to bed on the Sunday night and didn't have any complaints of feeling unwell, but when my stepdad was trying to wake him up he was just laying on his bed, fully clothed (as he quite often would) shoes on also. He had just laid on the bed.


The phone call was the worst thing. I live 300 miles away so I felt useless. That day passed in a blur. I went to the family the next morning.  more


James Byers
My name is Teresa Byers, I am the mother of four boys, with a broken heart. On 9th February 2000 our world came tumbling down.  Our 3rd son James, who was being treated for Wolf Parkinson White, dropped dead in school at the age of 7.  The teachers worked non-stop to revive him until the medics came and they took over working on him to bring him back.

The sad thing is he did not want to come back, his heart stopped suddenly as if someone switched off a light and they never got any rhythm from shocking him or resuscitation.  He was taken to casualty and they continued working on him throughout the journey and in hospital. I was at work when I got the message he had taken ill, but mum's seem to know - well I did.  He wasn't sick, he was gone, I could feel it through my whole body.  more


Nicholas Thomas
I was in a deep sleep and somewhere in my dream I could hear a phone ringing. It took a while for me to comprehend it was the bedside phone.  The clock on the bed side table said 2:00am. As soon as I picked up the phone I heard my brother’s trembling voice saying “He has gone”. 


It has always worried me that I never asked him who he was talking about and how I instantly knew who he was referring to. He was unable to give any details.


Our son Nicholas died suddenly at the wheel of his car while waiting for the traffic lights to change on the 13th January 2005 at 10:00pm.  Nicholas was 25 and the eldest of our two children. His sister Natasha was 9 years younger.  more


Kyle Thompson
My darling grandson, Kyle, died suddenly and unexpectedly on the 15th April 2008 just four days before his 14th birthday on the 19th April 2008.  Kyle collapsed while playing out in a children’s park just in front of his mother’s home (on a very steep hill near Sowerby Bridge, Halifax). 

Kyle’s mother, my only child Sarah, and Kyle, my only grandchild, had just been living back together for one year.   Due to unforeseen circumstances Kyle had been living with my partner Julian and I from being 6 years old up until the age of 12 when he returned to live with his mother.

My daughter and her partner rang us on Tuesday 15th April to say they were in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and that Kyle had collapsed earlier in the park.  more


Sarah Anne Bennett
Our beautiful, vivacious daughter Sarah, whom we cherished and adored, was born on 10th October 1987.  She was born breach and four weeks early when my waters broke. We took her home a week later and that night had the worst storms in years. 


Sarah celebrated her 22nd birthday in October. She was a legal secretary and had just started a new job in London after being out of work for a year.


Sarah was a very happy child, always laughing and smiling and we called her “Angel”. She loved primary school where she excelled and was a very popular girl with the other children and teachers.  more


Paul Mulford


The look of mischief
The smile disguising the next naughty move
The unread tale:
Books, cuddles.... too boring!
You understood: life was for living, exploring.
You rushed at life, running first, never walking.  more

Paul Roy
My name is Sammie and we've recently lost our brother, Paul. Paul tragically died on Wednesday 7th October 2009 at the age of 26 years old.

It was a terrible loss for our family and friends.  He was a well loved lad with a great future ahead of him. 


After reading many entries on your site, we too are going through the same process of bereavement.  However, although many feelings are similar, there are many which simply cannot be compared...  more


James Johnsen
We had no idea that James would leave us at such an early age. He had gone out Christmas shopping to Newcastle with his brother Leon and planned to meet up with friends in a bar later in the afternoon. 


When James arrived he ordered a drink but told his brother he was feeling dizzy and began to make his way outside.  Leon followed him to ask if he was alright and in that brief moment James collapsed in his arms showing signs of a heart attack.


Paramedics arrived within a few short minutes but it was too late and James was announced dead on arrival at the hospital.  more


Matthew Bailey
It was a Monday towards the end of September 2004, our W.I. evening.  We had a speaker coming who used to live locally, but who had moved to Edinburgh and was coming all the way down to be with us.  Consequently, we were making it a “special evening”, and I was busy preparing my share of the food.  The telephone rang. “May I borrow your car, please?”

“Well, yes, Paul, if your need is greater than mine.”

It transpired that Paul, my son-in-law and a farmer, had taken a call on his mobile from Woodruffe School, to say that Matthew, his eldest son, had had an accident and had been airlifted to the Devon and Exeter General Hospital.  more


Martyn Luckett
Our youngest son Martyn went to live with his sister in Swindon, whilst we lived in North Devon. He was 19 years old and one of three children - Nick was the eldest, Charlotte the middle (and only daughter) and Martyn. 


The elder two knew exactly what they wanted to do, though Martyn did not know and was different - but he was still my baby!


Martyn had been living with Charlotte for four months.  They got along very well but he decided that he missed his friends back home and wanted to move back.  He had returned from a week's holiday to Swindon, and on the Saturday he and Charlotte did a Fun Run for the neighbours' children's school.  more


Ricky Stevens & Jason Small
It was the help of CRY during the first two years of the millennium that our family first learned of SADS and the worldwide scale of families suffering the same kind of loss as ourselves. It is truly tremendous. CRY gave us the answers, information and support that we craved. Just like so many others, we lost two fit and healthy young men suddenly and with no explanation for their deaths.


Firstly, my nephew Ricky Stevens who was 15, just one month short of his 16th birthday, collapsed and died in his bedroom on April 15th 2000. It was the Easter Break, and he was looking forward to a camping trip with friends.  more


Peter Dean Button
Until the 26th July 2007 as a family we had a lovely life. On the 27th July 2007 it came to an end. Our lovely, fit and healthy son died. It would have been about 5.30am in bed with our daughter-in-law at his side. Peter Jnr was 37.


The destruction and devastation this caused I often wonder how we are still standing. Our daughter-in-law Helen, our daughter Susie, my husband Peter Snr and myself all just wanted to go with Peter Jnr.


Our daughter stopped eating, as her brother could no longer eat, our daughter-in-law just ate edges of toast, all of us lost so much weight.  more


David Paul Staff
5th December 1977, David Paul Staff entered this world and made our lives truly happy and at that time the happiest day of our lives. As years passed, everyone who came into contact with him grew to like him, he hadn’t a malicious, vindictive bone in his body.  He was a really lovely person to be with who everyone took to.  He traversed all age groups and as he grew older he developed a sense of humour and what a sense of humour, weird but wonderful, witty and funny.


In August 1994, David went on a school trip which visited Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and lastly Israel. They visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem where pilgrims from all around the world put notes, prayers and so on into the cracks of the wall - an ancient tradition that has spanned centuries.  more


Matthew 'Love' Bradley
How do I begin? How can any mother start to recount the most awful day of her life?  It has taken me nearly three years to begin to come to terms with our sad loss. 


It began on March 27th 2007, which just happened to be my birthday.  The day began with usual birthday wishes and cards, etc - but the everyday chores take over and I had to drive Matt into college.  He was studying 3D graphic design at our local college, I won’t pretend he was a perfect student - there were days when he didn’t want to go - but we have all been there with work. So in general he would frame himself and get back on task.


This particular morning, he woke and complained of having a headache, but not wanting to be too soft on him, I told him to take two Paracetemol and go to college.  more


Ollie Marsden

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

7.40am – My youngest son Ollie shouts “right, I’m off now”.  I am in my bedroom wrapped in a towel, I do not go into the hall to see him, but I shout back “have a happy day” and he leaves for his third day’s teaching practice at a local primary school. 


5.10pm – I am walking along a footpath on my way to an exercise class following my day at work.   I am feeling unusually upbeat. Ollie has been home from Plymouth University since Sunday evening to do his teaching practice, staff problems at work have been resolved and my husband Kevin and I are off on holiday next week.  All is right with the world……………


7.05pm – I am still in my gym clothes chopping vegetables for dinner.  more


Luke Meekings
It was eighteen months on Christmas Eve 2009 since my son Luke died and I’m still struggling to find words adequate to describe both Luke and the impact of his death.


On June 24th 2008 I’d gone straight from work to Luke’s house; he had only just moved in and the house really wasn’t liveable-in and he was literally camping in a bedroom. My job for the evening was to put kitchen units together prior to the cooker being fitted – he could then at least stop surviving on takeaways!


Early evening Luke arrived home from work and as he pulled up in front of the house the tyre on his car blew. My husband and Luke tried unsuccessfully to change the tyre but quickly gave up. Luke was fretting about everything he still had to do including picking up his girlfriend from work and going to the gym as well as eating and working on his house.  more


Ryan Harrison

My beautiful son Ryan was 18 years of age when he decided to go travelling to Canada.


Me and my husband and his sister did not want him to go as he had recently packed up working for my husband as an apprentice alarm engineer. 


But Ryan just wanted to live his dream, which was travelling and having the time of his life.  I will never forget the last phone call we had from him when he said to me “mum, I’m living my dream and having a great time”. 


He left England on the 13th October 2009. The first week away he had managed to fit so much in and probably did more than what my husband and me had done in a lifetime.  more


Thomas Shackleton
Thomas Shackleton died on the 19th May 2004, aged 21.


Thomas was a great musician who played the guitar and could make a tune on any instrument. This was one of his songs that we played at his funeral - and on his gravestone we have a guitar engraved into the marble with the words “Sail my ship home”.


Thomas was the singer in a band called the "Slow Emotion” but this was a song he wrote and performed by himself. We are so very fortunate to have Thomas’ music and to hear his voice seems to bring him to life.  more


Andrew Mark Croxson
Andrew Mark was my first born, a perfect baby in every way. He grew up into a fine young man, a great son, and a wonderful brother to Stephen and Timothy. He loved and enjoyed life to the fullest.


Andrew grew fast and was tall for his age. He experienced a couple of fainting attacks as a teenager. Doctors did not seem to be worried and said this was part of growing up.  He had experienced an unexplained faint only the week before he died and had attended the hospital.


After finishing school Andrew travelled the world for a year, visiting many countries and staying with friends and church leaders. New Zealand was his favourite place, and he spent many months there.  more


Rachel Haigh & Jason Chew

My daughter Rachel Haigh died in her sleep on the 4th December 2001 aged 14 years, from Viral Myocarditis. Eight years later, we are now mourning the loss of our son Jason Chew who died in his sleep on the 11th March 2009 aged 17 years, from Lymphocytic Myocarditis. 


I have read that it can be compared to a light switch being turned off, so I am grateful that my precious children were unaware and didn't suffer.  more


Neil 'Kymatik' Schuyleman
What can possibly prepare you for the total shock of being told – however gently – that your beloved only son had suddenly and unexpectedly ‘passed away’. What!  How?  When?


The thought rushed through my head ‘Can I get there to see him before it is too late!’. Then the dawning impact that the strong, happy, vibrant grown up son I had happily talked to on the phone two days before – was dead! No chance for any of us to hold him, say goodbye and tell him how much we loved him. How could that possibly be?  Whilst I now know how many countless other families face this shocking truth – it cannot begin to comfort you from the initial, unbelievable news that a child of yours – the person you nurtured, encouraged and loved – has gone before you.  more


James Ross Markham
James seemed to be a fit and health young man. He lived at home, was a music student, and was twenty one years of age when in November 2001 he suddenly dropped dead outside the house. What made his death so baffling was that earlier that year on a family holiday to the Lake District he had seemed so well.  One morning he had cycled around Grizdale Woods on a mountain bike, and in the same afternoon rowed the length of Grasmere Lake.


On the day of his death things had started normally.  He had been to college, had dinner, and in the evening was at home working on his computer.  He had a car that was due to be serviced, and the garage we used was about 400 yards from the house.  He had arranged to drop the car off that evening, and post the keys through the letterbox. He set off at about 11 pm, and shouted out that he would be back in about 15 minutes.  more


Olivia Raby
Thursday 22nd May 2008 is a day I will never forget as that is the day our precious daughter Olivia Elaine Raby was taken away from us. She was playing rounders whilst at school, aged 14. Olivia was our only child, who was a fit and healthy young girl and was turning into a beautiful lady before our eyes.  She loved participating in sport - she was the captain of her primary school netball team and had represented Salford in the youth games playing hockey.  We were really proud to call her our daughter.

It started as just another normal day, although thinking about it maybe it wasn’t. I normally shouted Olivia to get up for school but this day I thankfully went up to her bedroom to wake her up, and as she left for school she shouted upstairs that she loved me and she’d see me later………if only.  more


Adam Payne
If you are reading this story of our experiences, following the death of our son, then you will fall into one of 3 categories. The first and most important group are those directly affected by such events. The fact that you are reading this if you have recently lost someone is a positive sign as you have begun the process of looking for an answer to this terrible loss.

The second group will be those in the medical profession in whatever capacity that may be. The majority of you may never have come across such a condition as this, so please read on.
The third group is everybody else from whatever walk of life you come from. Even if you have wandered onto this site in error, then please stay and read the rest of this...  more


Marcella Doherty
Marcella Doherty was only 24 years old when she died of Arrhythmogenic  Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy or ARVC.  Despite her untimely death being as a result of this undiagnosed killer, Marcella had symptoms in the week prior to her death. 


Sadly, diagnosis proved inadequate and Marcella was unable to convince the medical establishment about the seriousness of her illness in that difficult final week of her short life.  This is her story.


Marcella was born in May 1981, the youngest daughter of Peter and Brigid Doherty of Bellaghy, County Derry, Northern Ireland.  A loving and infectious child, she brought great joy to not only her close family, but to her large family circle - all could call her a real friend.  more


Joe Pearce Willis
Presented here is an edited version of a chapter I wrote for a book a couple of years ago and remembers Joe Pearce Willis, our son.

Edited extract from Fred Pearce’s book "Confessions of an Eco-Sinner" (Eden Project Books, 2008).

Our household survived without a mobile phone for a long time.  Even as a journalist, I have resisted.  The first arrived when our son Joe bought a bog-standard Nokia in 2003.  Always on the look-out for a bargain, he paid £10 at Carphone Warehouse in Clapham Junction.  It did the job. Or it did until – and there is no sensible way of writing this without sharing the family tragedy with you – until his death in 2005.  more


Nicky Musgrave
Our daughter, Nicky, died a month before her 19th birthday in February 2006. She died suddenly and unexpectedly whilst watching an episode of “Friends” with one of her housemates in the house that she shared with four students.  Despite the best efforts of everybody - the housemates, paramedics and doctor - Nicky was pronounced dead shortly after I arrived at the house to be with her. 

The cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy.  She was asymptomatic and when my husband and I saw her earlier on the day she died, she was full of zest for life, talking non-stop about her job, friends, university and plans for the following academic year after she finished her Art Foundation course.  more


Lisa Shepherd
My name is Michael Shepherd and I’m 53 years old.  I live with my wife Janice, 51, and son Liam, 23, in Bolsover - a small town 6 miles from Chesterfield in Derbyshire.


All was well in our lives until the horror, which came on Friday 19th May 2006.


Our daughter Lisa, 23, a staff nurse at Chesterfield Royal Hospital was due to take Liam to work as she was off work on holiday.  She was planning an early morning shopping trip to nearby Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield with her friend and fellow nurse Tanya, and as she was up early she told her mum to have a lie in and she would take Liam to work.  more


Luke Francis
There is song affectionately known as ‘The Sunscreen Song’.  A couple of lines from the song are:  "Don't worry about the future, or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday."

Well I was blindsided at 3.30am on a Sunday morning.

I was in a deep sleep and somewhere in the distance I could hear a phone ringing….. it took me several seconds to comprehend it was the house phone.  more


Jamie Gentleman

Where do I start! My heart hurts, my pulse is still as I start to share my tragic loss.


Jamie ‘G’ - our shining Star - went to heaven on Friday 15th March 2009, five days before his 14th Birthday.


A sportsman in every sense - football, darts, golf, fishing - most sports he shone at and loved taking part. I can't begin to understand this and each day rolls into another.


We live for the happy 14 years we had and are grateful for every minute.  more


Guy Evans

Guy Evans, died aged 17 of a suspected heart arrhythmia while riding his motorbike. How does anyone begin to describe the pain at losing a precious child suddenly and without any warning?


The evening of August 14th last year (2008) was the last time we saw our beloved 17-year-old twin son, Guy, alive.


At around 7pm he came into the house to pick up some things for a sleepover, gave me (his mum) a hug, said a cheery “see you Dad” to his father who was in the sitting room watching TV, yelled goodbye to his brother upstairs - and was gone from our lives forever.  more


Matthew Steven Wallbank

On the 24th May 2008 our precious, kind, loving, gentle son Matthew died suddenly in his sleep, he was 29 years old.  Matthew had travelled down to London with his life long friend Eddie to attend the wedding of his friend Jon to Pam.  Matthew had met Jon when they were both students at Northampton University and they had been good friends ever since.


We last saw Matthew on the 21st May when he had come to watch the football (Chelsea v Man United) with his Dad and Granddad.  I remember his Dad asking him if he was coming for his tea on Friday but he had said (in his own words) “I can’t Dad, I am travelling down to London for the cockney wedding”.  more


Robert O'Kane

A year has gone by since our son Robert passed away, a long heartbreaking emotional year for myself, my husband and our two remaining sons.


Robert was our middle son, he had a sunny disposition was always full of laughter -  fun-loving and friendly to everyone he met. Robert loved music, it makes me smile when i think of  him singing at the top of his voice driving us all to distraction.


He had the knack of making people feel special and if someone was down or sad Robert would be the first to make a fuss of them.  more


Kieran Formby
It’s now 8 months since, on the eventful evening of 13th September 2008, we learnt our dearly beloved son Kieran had died and left us.


I am sure that we do not have to tell you how we feel, only that he along with his surviving sister Sinead, they were our very reason and purpose for living and were driving forces in our lives.


In writing this and recalling our circumstances regarding Kieran, we as parents - despite our agony and despair at losing Kieran - must not forget that he was 50% of our lives and that Sinead his sister is alive and with us and is going through her own agonies, concerns and struggles every day and continues to need our love and support.  more


Kira Louise Lloyd
Our daughter, Kira Louise Lloyd, was born on the 12th June 1997 but sadly and tragically Kira became an angel too soon on the 22nd June 2008 - just ten days after her 11th birthday.

Kira was our only child.  She was a beautiful, funny, energetic, happy, caring and loving little girl who lived each day to the full and never wanted a day to end.

Kira started and ended each day with a smile, song and dance.  Kira had a smile that will never be forgotten, which is much like Kira's character in life - once seen, never forgotten.

Kira enjoyed most things in life and she had many hobbies and interests.  more


Neil Desai
My son Neil Desai died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep on the 5th September 2008, his 22nd birthday, whilst on holiday with his girlfriend in Spain. His death caused immense shock and sadness for our family and his friends. Neil died of an unidentified cardiac condition, which was eventually classified as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (“SADS”).

Neil was an incredibly talented individual.  He was a world ranked squash player; an outstanding cricketer who had appeared in the Wisden Almanac as one of the top schools' all-rounders in the UK representing Tiffin School; a first class student of Law at Nottingham University and had gained work experience at a number of ’Magic Circle' law firms in the city including Clifford Chance, Linklaters, Slaughter & May and Allen & Overy.  He won the Sports Personality of the Year award at the University of Nottingham in 2008.  more


Kasia Ber
It is now three years since we lost our precious baby at 17 years old from Long QT Syndrome. She was beautiful, funny and talented, kind and thoughtful and had everything to give in life with so much to look forward to and she was so cruelly and needlessly robbed of the life she truly deserved.

She was such a hard worker and the life and soul of whatever she did and took part in everything.  Our Kasia had so much confidence and was forever doing something - she could not walk in the house she had to skip and dance.

She also had a beautiful voice and would always be singing. I miss all the funny dances she would do for me and lending each other earrings; our girlie chats and argues - but we won't have all that back.  more


Daniel James Lowes

My son, Daniel James Lowes, died suddenly on February 20th 2007 at around 9.30pm from an undetected heart condition - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - at the age of 18. 


Daniel had always been fit and healthy, very active. Daniel - as I'm sure all mothers would say about their children - was the most loving, caring son any mother could wish for. Daniel wasn't just my son but also my very best friend.

On the morning of the 20th February it was Daniel's day off college, so as usual he would catch up with some sleep. About an hour before I was due to leave for work, Daniel woke up and complained of a raging sore throat - which wasn't uncommon as most of Daniel's friends at college had the flu virus. He was fine within himself.  more


Chloe Lauren Leach

It really is difficult to know where to begin as it’s just not possible to prepare yourself and your family for such heartbreaking circumstances.  Our beautiful daughter Chloe Lauren Leach collapsed and died whilst out with friends in a local nightclub on the 30th September 2008, aged 21 years.  This day has changed our lives forever. 


Chloe was in her 3rd Year of her Social Work Degree and was predicted a “First Class Honours Degree”.  It all seems so much hard work for nothing. 


Chloe had blossomed into a lovely, caring, fun-loving and confident young woman.  It’s hard to believe that she was so shy as a young child.  more


Liam Ross

My son Liam was a wonderful boy who touched the hearts of many people.


Liam sadly and very suddenly passed away on Tuesday 16th December 2008, and this has left a huge whole in our lives.


Liam loved life, he was part of a loving family, and had many friends.  Liam was cheeky but always respectful, being able to communicate with younger children and adults alike.  Liam loved music, cricket and football.


His favourite team was Everton FC, for whom he was once a mascot.  more


Richard 'Rich' Tomkins

Rich’, or Boy as he was affectionately known - the best son you could ever wish for was cruelly taken from us, on the 24th July 2008, age 23. We lost Rich from undiagnosed Infective Endocarditis which is the one infection that for 18 years of Rich’s life I had always been acutely aware of - as without prompt diagnosis it would take his life.


Rich’ was diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis at the age of 5 and I was told that Rich’ must always look after his teeth and be careful when he cut himself because of the risk of Endocarditis. He had the most fantastic teeth ever – with not one filling in his mouth and at age 23......  more


Amanda McCarthy

On the morning of Sunday 12th October 2008, myself and my wife Beverley were sat at home with our morning cup of tea. Beverley had just returned from dropping our son off to do his local paper round.


When the phone rang, Beverley answered it and I immediately saw the colour drain from her face, she stared at me with her eyes welling up with tears, and unable to speak she handed me the phone. In the brief few seconds before taking the phone from her I racked my brains for something to prepare me for the bad news obviously coming, but no way in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined how bad it was really going to be!  more


Louisa Halls

My beautiful little sister Louisa Halls died suddenly on Sunday 8th June 2008 aged just 21.

Words cannot begin to describe the pain we are all feeling following the tragic and sudden death of a vivacious and loving young Mum who was taken so unexpectedly whilst peacefully sleeping.

Lou was due to be bridesmaid within weeks of her death, and her 22nd birthday was just under three weeks away, it's so cruel.


How can a fit and healthy young woman die so suddenly? She had so much to live for.  Christmas is going to be so very painful this year, and every year.  more


Ashleigh Hughes

On the 22nd of July 2008 Ashleigh Christina Hughes passed away. I just recently came across your website that had Ashleigh's story on it.


Ashleigh had the Glenn's procedure done. All seemed successful but then the surgeons and nurses realised after the 9 hour operation that Ashleigh had a bleed coming from somewhere, so she was taken back into theatre for further exploration to find the bleed.  Later she was brought back into intensive care and we were told that Ashleigh's operation had been successful.


Later on Ashleigh didn't seem to be getting better and was detraining.  more


Claire Dee Shapland

From the day Claire was born there was no mistaking she was a little girl, her sparkling blue eyes and smile would bring warmth to everyone who met her, feminine to the ends of her eye lashes. As Claire grew up in to a young lady her personality was one of embracing the love of her family, considering others and enjoying life.

Until you become a parent yourself you have no idea of the adoring love that develops for one’s own children” - they are truly the embodiment of one’s life.


In February 2005, Claire and I went to see the film 'Ray Charles' as I have always enjoyed his music.  more


Faye Linton

Faye was only 25 years of age when she so suddenly died.

She was within days of going on a 'once in a lifetime' holiday to America when we found her dead in bed on the morning of 30th October 2006.


The doctors knew that Faye had a heart block problem, but as she had a pacemaker fitted less than six months previously they were happy for her to go to America.


She was a beautiful, happy, kind and hard working young woman.  She worked in a very busy call centre for Barclays Bank, in the business section.  more


Stephen Westley

Stephen was just 34 when he was taken from me by this silent killer.  He had woken up early on Saturday 18th March 2006, being sick.  He went to the chemist to ask for something to help him as he was eager to go and get my Mothers Day present.


I remember him laughing when I said I wanted drawer/cupboard handles to complete my new kitchen. I needed 13 and between my five children this is what I had asked for.  He collapsed whilst out and the chemist rang for an ambulance. I have never bought the final two handles - I just cannot, because I know Stephen wanted to get them.


He was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed as having gastroenteritis and he was given an injection and advised to lie down for half an hour to let it work.  more


Mathew Blease

The 1st February 2008 was the saddest day of my life.  My beautiful son Mathew was taken from me suddenly at the tender age of 13, just 6 weeks before his 14th birthday.


Mathew was fit and healthy with lots of energy.  He played football for his dad's team and was a coach with my team - he was about to take his referee badge too.  He played badminton for his school and lived life to the full.


Mathew had complained of a sore throat on the Monday but still went to school.  On the Wednesday afternoon he told me he did not feel well and was going to lie down.  more


Leanne Haddrell

On the 1st of May 2008, our beautiful precious daughter and wonderful sister to David was sadly taken from us, aged just 21.


Leanne was at Uni studying sports and was in her 2nd year.  She was an incredibly fit and healthy young lady which is why this is all so hard to understand. Leanne played water polo and swam for the University and came home at weekends to work as a lifeguard at our local leisure centre. 


Leanne had been a bit off colour the weekend before and we thought she had flu.  However, she didn't want to come home.  more


Timothy Spooner

Known affectionately as Tim, he was taken from us so suddenly, and is now laid to rest with his mum Kate.


Tim was a very active person who lived life 24/7. He worked hard and played hard and was a fanatical football player, who was a dedicated Chelsea fan.


His life revolved around football and his girlfriend Natalie, with whom he spent so much of his time. 


Tim’s sudden death occurred on Saturday 17th May 2008.  He left home with Natalie at 9.45am to play in an end of season 6-a-side match and barbeque.  more


Jamahl Samuels

It was just a normal day. Jamahl had broken up from school for his Easter holidays.  It was Thursday, tomorrow was Easter Friday.


I came home from work at about 4pm, happy because I also had a few days off work for Easter and planned to relax and enjoy my time off.  Jamahl was lying on the settee watching the television as normal, "How was work mom?" he asked; "How was school Jay?" I asked - just as we normally did.

I went straight into the kitchen and started to cook dinner. Jamahl was still lying on the settee and I interrupted him and sent him to the local shop to buy some cat food and a newspaper.  more


Michelle McFeely

My girlfriend, Michelle McFeely of Coleraine, died on 25th January 2008 aged 30.


Post mortem was carried out, but no cause of death was found. When speaking to her sister she said her father's side had a history of problems with the heart.


Michelle had a monitor from the hospital which measured heart palpitations, as she had them very occasionally - but the week and a half she had the monitor she didn't have any, so obviously the monitor couldn't register anything.


A week before she died she suffered from a nasty bout of flu but thought it was going away so returned to work.  more


Tom Clabburn

Today should have been my son's 15th birthday. Instead I am writing about life after Tom.


Tom died in his sleep in October this year of an undiagnosed heart-related condition.  He had been fit, active, healthy, doing well at school, bright and happy. We were not, in any way, prepared.


This is not about my wife or my daughter.  Other than saying that they will always be everything to me, their story is for them. This is about me and Tom. It is about the living and the dead. For at this moment, the two are wrapped around each other in an embrace that is tight and total and painful. I would not have it any other way.  more


Kevin Smart

My name is Lynn Smart.  My brother, Kevin Smart, very sadly died on 5th September 2007 aged just 33.


He had worked from home that day - he normally worked in London but there were train driver strikes which had caused him a good few hours of delays on the previous working days.  My mum went round to clean for him at about 10ish and had a brief chat with him about some sad news from his office where one of his colleagues had died the previous Saturday whilst away on holiday - caused by treatment from a throat infection!!  When my mum left, all seemed OK and Kevin was his normal chatty but busy self and didn’t complain of feeling unwell.  more


Chris Doyle

On January 9th 2007, my son Chris Doyle, after having played a game of soccer, went home and complained of not feeling well.


His mum sat up with him and Chris insisted on going to bed and told everyone he would be OK. His mum went to wake him for school (Galashiels Academy) but found him dead.


We were all shocked and had no warning at all of this, and to lose a 16 year old son was devastating to us all.  more


Amy Russell

Our only daughter Amy Jayne Russell was born 7th January 1984.  Throughout her life she was fit and healthy with no unusual illnesses nor signs of one.


When she was 20 years old she trained with a tour operator to be a 'kiddie rep' for them because she loved children.  She left Manchester on 12th March 2004 - and never came back to us!


Playing water polo in the hotel swimming pool with the residents and staff on 15th October 2004, Amy collapsed and could not be revived.  She died at the poolside. The post mortem in Spain could find 'no cause of death'.  In order to release her to the UK the death certificate stated that she died from a 'coronary embolism'.  more


Kevin Eaton

My name is Louisa Eaton, and on 22 July 2007 my 28 year old husband, Kevin Eaton had a seizure at home and died. After investigation, it was found that he had suffered a heart attack caused by Coronary Artery Disease. Shock is an understatement. He hadn’t felt particularly well that week but nothing out of the ordinary.


I love Kevin with every part of me and to watch the life drain from the one you love is the most heartbreaking experience.


Regardless of my efforts, and those of my next door neighbour (thanks Mark), we, then paramedics were unable to bring him back and he was pronounced dead on arrival at our local hospital.  more


David Williams

On the evening of the 13th December 2005, my 16 year old son David returned home from a kick boxing session.  He was his usual self apart from the fact that he told me his heart was racing.  I suggested that he had overdone it and his heart rate was just taking a while to get back to normal.  He showered and ate then later went to bed. 


Little did I know that that would be the last time I would see him alive. 


My daughter Lisa found him in the morning curled up as if asleep.  She initially thought he was messing around (something that he would have probably done) but when he did not wake, she phoned 999 and performed resuscitation with the support of the operator, but it was too late. more


Sharron Jones

Sharron was just 39 when she died on Saturday 26th May 2007. We received a phone call from her children saying paramedics were trying to resuscitate their mom - they were crying uncontrollably. She had been out for a meal, came home, sat down and it happened.

We told the kids we would meet them at the hospital where a few hours later Sharron was pronounced dead, to our utter disbelief.

She had been fit and healthy so why did this happen? At the time, doctors believed she had a blood clot which had burst, but on Post Mortem there was no evidence.  Further invasive tests also showed nothing apart from that she was perfectly fit and healthy.  more


Hannah Turberville

Our daughter Hannah Turberville died suddenly on February 17th 2007 aged just 7 years old.  Her death was made even more dramatic by the fact we were on holiday as a family, in France, due to return to England the following morning.


We were skiing with Lucy, Hannah’s non-identical twin sister, and Oliver, her 8 year old brother. We had a fantastic week skiing as a family of 5 and one which we will never forget. We were self-catering and had gone out for dinner on the Friday evening and had a lovely meal. Hannah had eaten pizza and then ice cream one of her favourite meals. We had talked about the holiday - the best bits and the not so good bits.  more


Gareth Thomas

When Gareth’s heart stopped on February 25th this year it broke all our hearts. Gareth was 21 years old, a graduate in International Politics and Law with his whole life ahead of him. He had recently moved into a house with three of his oldest friends and they were busy finding jobs and playing together in the band they had formed while still at school.


Gareth was very fit and healthy. He had played football for years and had returned from his first skiing trip just two weeks before he died. He was such a kind, gentle young man and loved spending time with his friends and family. He loved films and computer games and playing his bass guitar.  more


Luke Ashton

Christmas day 2006 began much as any other day, with the familiar routine of dog walking and a hurried, rather cursory tidying up. I recall stuffing the Telegraph colour supplement under the chaise, thinking that the cover feature on the effects of melting ice caps on Polar bears had to be read, but was too sad for Christmas.


I was wholly ignorant of the tragedy that was about to envelop my family before the day was through. My second son Luke slumbered on as I left for work as a District nurse in Ramsey, Isle of Man. Luke opened his presents in his room, and then spent the afternoon walking with his grandfather and the dogs.  more


Mark Phelps

Mark was 25 when he died on the 18th November 2002. At the time I (his brother Matthew) was working away and received a call from my mother just after 6.30 to say he had died. For me it was the most surreal phone call I have ever received and I hurriedly got to Euston station London to get home to Birmingham as quickly as I could.


The previous night Mark, I and the rest of the family had been at a memorial service for our Grandmother who had died a year previous and Mark was the picture of health. He played football twice a week and was generally a lot fitter and healthier than his older brother who smoked, and drank more than he did.  more


Max French

Maxwell George French died at 21.18 on 25th June 2007.  He was 24.  It had just been a normal Monday evening.  My tea was ready on the table when I got back from work and we sat down to discuss our days.  Max then got into his sports kit ready to play football with some friends he organised French conversation evenings with.  Not being the sportiest person, he was full of trepidation, but after some reassurance he left excited about the match.


An hour later I received a phone call.  Max’s friend told me he’d suffered a cardiac arrest and that I had to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  I jumped on a bus and once there, sprinted into the hospital.  I was led into a small room and given the news.  Max had been jogging along joking about his lack of fitness when suddenly he collapsed.  Despite the efforts of friends to resuscitate him, there was nothing anybody could do.  I had no idea how to act or feel.  more


Sarah Simpson

Thursday 19th April 2007 will be a day that we as a family will remember forever. April  19th  every year is special anyway as it is my wife’s birthday. Our daughter Sarah (age 20), who worked in a care home, was on late shift that day and as a result we had celebrated my wife’s birthday the evening before with a family favourite meal of fish and chips.


That day (the 18th) Sarah had been to the zoo with some of the residents of the care home, and was full of stories about how much both she and the residents had enjoyed the day, and showed us lots of photographs she had taken of them all. My wife and I, Sarah and her elder brother Will (age 22), all round the table laughing and joking and talking about how everyone was getting on, just normal family stuff.  more


Simon Jon Cullum

Simon was my oldest son, born on 6th October 1977.  He was fit and healthy, a normal 29 year old who didn't drink or smoke.

On Friday 8th June 2007 I came home from doing some shopping to find Simon sitting at the computer. On my arrival he came into the kitchen and we had a conversation about what we would be having for dinner that evening, and then he went up to his bedroom to go on the Playstation. It was around 11.45am.

At 12.45pm I noticed that his car keys were still in the kitchen and he had an appointment in town at that time.  I called him and got no reply.  more


Marcus Armstrong

Marcus was 28 years old when he died.  Two days previously he was at home when he felt ill. He was short of breath, sweating and had chest pains - the symptoms were identical to when he was rushed to hospital a few years earlier.  Back then it was diagnosed as a panic attack after lots of  tests and 4 hours in the hospital. 


Marcus told his partner Lucy he would be fine as he didn’t want to go back into hospital again.  The next day he felt better and went to work as a Taxi driver in Harwich but his mum was insistent he went to the doctors for a check up. 


He reluctantly went, they did an ECG test, blood pressure and other checks, and was assured everything was fine. The next day he collapsed and died.  more


Christopher Dixon

Christopher was 19 years old, my stepson and Karen's only child. He had just found his first love and had everything to live for.


On Friday 8th June 2007 he was having a kick-about in Kings Park, Swanage with a couple of mates. He stopped, looked over to Aimee his girlfriend, smiled and waved, and as they turned away he collapsed with cardiac arrest, falling onto his back. Unfortunately as he did so, he vomited and inhaled the vomit.

His friends called for an ambulance and commenced CPR. Being rural Dorset, it took 10 - 20 minutes for a paramedic to arrive and he, seeing how severe the situation was, called for a helicopter to get Chris to hospital.  more


Chris Gorman

My husband died on the 28 June 2007. He was a healthy, fit 29 year old man.  He had been training all year for the London to Brighton bike ride.  He had been cycling 30 miles every weekend and there had never been a problem.

He left my house on the Saturday night before the bike ride, to stay with a friend who lived in London (1 mile away from the start line).  He ate his dinner and had a fairly early night, he got up in the morning, had his breakfast and left around 5.30am.  He rode the 1 mile to the start line. The next think I knew was when the police knocked on my door at around 7am and asked to come in. I asked if I needed to sit down and was told "yes".  more


Matthew Kamis

My son, aged 26 years, died on 15th January 2006, (born on November 22nd 1980), of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which we had never heard of before we lost Matthew.  Matthew was our youngest child.  He had never been ill, and had shown no signs of feeling unwell.

On the morning of January 15th, around lunchtime, Matthew had just woken up, as he worked six days a week and on a Sunday he had a lie in bed.  I, his mum, was just coming out of the bathroom, which is opposite to Matthew’s room.  He asked me if I would make him a bacon sandwich.  more


Neville McIntosh

Neville - or Nev as most of us knew him - was born on 11th March 1970. He was known to be always on the go - always smiling, cracking jokes and would always help people out.  He became the very, very proud father of his 3 beautiful children, Alex(17), Olivia(13) and Claudia(6).

I (Kirsty) met Nev in February 2005. We fell in love instantly and became inseparable. We were soulmates. I finally knew what love was and it was well worth the wait! Nev proposed to me 6 months after we met. He even drove down to South Wales to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. We were hoping to get married towards the end of this year.

Nev had worked for over 10 years at Pilkington Glass as an overhead crane driver. In February 2006 he took a very intense course to become a qualified tower crane driver!  more


Leon Ashley Manners

Let me take you back to the day in question, July 17th 1999. A bright, warm, sunny day. My son Leon was excited as it was his final day at nursery school. He was due to start the ‘BIG’ school in September.


When we arrived at the school, Leon had to try on his new school uniform. I can picture him standing tall and proud. He looked so grown up in his little grey trousers, white shirt and blue jumper. I said, “Look at you my baby, all grown up!”  He looked at me all coy with a big gorgeous grin.


After school, Leon’s friend came to play in the back garden.  more


Grant Capell

I lost my baby brother Grant Capell on the 20th March 2007.  He was only 16 years old! 

He was out playing with friends, outside my parents' house in Ireland in the evening.  He was giving a young girl a piggy back, when he put her down and complained of being tired and then just fell down unconscious.  Unfortunately, although he still had a faint pulse, they tried for 40 minutes to resuscitate him but to no avail. He died there on the pavement at around 10.50pm

My dad phoned me at my home in London straight afterwards and told me.  I remember feeling as if my heart had been ripped out from my chest.  more


Graeme Blenkinsop

My name is Lynda, and like everyone in this section, I have all lost someone due to a heart related illness.

I lost my brother on the 4th August 2006 and it just seems like a dream now!  My brother came home that day complaining of chest pains - we all thought nothing of it as he had be complaining of a cold a few days before and of course he was only 21!  At 21 why on earth would he die?  To this day we all ask ourselves the same thing.

The doctors told us it was due to his arteries closing to 50% and all they could come up with was cholesterol, which seemed mad at the time as my brother was a fit lad who enjoyed sport.  more


Daniel Vavasour

On October 6th 2005 I got a phone call from my dad. His tone was serious and I immediately knew something was wrong. He spoke to my mum first, who answered the phone.

Her face had an expression of utter shock. She silently passed me the phone and I nervously listened as my dad told me that my 15 year old cousin had died.

I felt numb and my face drained of colour. When I finished the phone call, the news wouldn’t sink in. Dan and I were born five months apart and he’d lived in the same street as me for almost ten years.   more


Ryan Darby

Ryan is our only child.  We love him dearly.  He was our life.  Happy-go-lucky, everyone’s friend.  As one friend said at his funeral ‘gave everything, asked for nothing’.  That really summed him up. 


Ryan and Nicola (Ryan’s fiancée) had a little boy, Harley, 2 ½ years ago.  We were over the moon.  Our life was complete.  What joy – we would see them two or three times in the week and every Sunday for lunch.  Every holiday was spent with us in our house in Spain. 


We had all been to Spain in June for a family holiday, but in August Ryan wanted to go and visit his friend in Thailand.  more


Jimmy & Chrissy

Our family had a very strong history of seizures.  It began with Mom and myself and I passed it on to my children.  We had been labelled with epilepsy and with medicine we lived a fairly normal life.

Chrissy began having seizures at seven years of age and Jimmy began at eleven or twelve.  Jimmy was 22, married with a baby when I received a phone call on April 15, 2000, that would forever change our lives.  more


Nathan Butler

Where do we start?  There’s so much to tell - as his teacher’s used to say!


Nathan was born on 1st April 1989 and even as a young baby he managed to attract a lot of attention - a charm which became more evident as he grew up into a young man.  He was always full of life and as a young boy he wanted to be involved in everything that was going on and his main aim was to entertain.

His favourite characters were Fireman Sam and Superman and we have vivid memories of him in his own “home made” Superman costume consisting of red pants over blue joggers, a blue sweatshirt with a cardboard coloured ‘S’ stuck on the front and a tea towel for a cape!  more


Anthony McCarroll

Anthony was born on the 16th of August 1986, and died on the 20th of September 2006.


As a boy, Anthony was always smiling and was very quiet. He did well at school, never got into any trouble, got on with his work and always did his homework on time. At home you very rarely saw Anthony because he was always in his bedroom either doing his homework or playing on his Playstation.


This was the case until he left school. His dad got him an Engineering apprenticeship when he left school, at Elmsteel where he was an Operations Manager. He settled in well at work and soon developed into an asset to the company.  more


Daniel Boughey

My son was so full of life, he loved it so much.  I am not saying he was an angel, as at times he could be a right pain - that's teenagers for a you.  But a mother's love is unconditional, and I loved Daniel so much.  He was my life and I would do anything for him - same as my other children Stuart and Jessica.


As all brothers and sisters, they had their ups and downs.  He always had a smile on his face, and was forever making us laugh.  I miss him so much - we all do.  Sunday 3rd September was a lovely family day, something that we can't always do due to work, etc. and Stu and Daniel wanting to do their own things.  more


Daniel Larkin

Our wonderful son Daniel was tragically taken from us on 6th January 2006.  Daniel was just nineteen years old. 

He was the biggest Liverpool football fan ever - it really was his life.  He was loved by everyone who met him.  Danny was a quiet and sensible young man with an extremely good sense of humour.  We all miss him every hour of every day.  The memories he has left behind have made us all very, very proud. 

Myself, his Dad and younger brother Adam had only left Danny that morning to fly back to Mallorca, as we were living and working there at the time.  more


Lisa Jane Browne

My husband, Terry, and I received a telephone call from our son-in-law on Saturday 10 January 1998 at approximately 8am to say that our daughter, Lisa Jane Browne, a nurse, aged 27 years, was being taken to hospital.  My son-in-law told me that he had received a telephone call from the hospital ward, where Lisa was due to be working the early shift, to ask if Lisa had overslept.  Unable to rouse Lisa, my son-in-law called the paramedics who were unfortunately unable to resuscitate Lisa.  When my husband and I arrived at the hospital we were told that Lisa had died. 


A post mortem two days later revealed no obvious cause of death, and I was informed by the Pathologist that Lisa should still be alive.  more


Laura Hillier

Whenever I think back to Friday 20th June 2003 - which is still most days - I remember the clear blue sky and warm sunshine, and recall thinking "how could such a tragedy strike in a moment on such a lovely summer's day?"


Laura was 21 years and 6 months old.  The detail seems important.  She had just completed her second term of a BA course in Early Childhood Studies at University College Northampton (later to become the University of Northampton).  She loved young children, was a natural with them, and they in turn loved her.  Everybody loved Laura.  She was lively, witty, talkative and energetic, without any streak of malice or unkindness.  more


Charlene Page

Our beautiful daughter Charlene Page was born on the 29th September 1985, and passed away on the 6th July 2005 from SADS.


Charlene had always appeared fit and healthy, and had always kept in good health.  She had no symptoms to alert us that anything was wrong.


She was a very lively kid and made friends easily.  This was due to her friendly nature and her wicked sense of humour.


The 6th of July 2005 started off as another 'typical day'.  more


Greg Highwood-Mack

His name was Greg Highwood-Mack and on the 19th March – after nine days in intensive care – in the arms of those who loved him and whom he loved most dearly, he slipped away.

The last time we hugged was the morning of the 10th March. It seemed like any other day…but I suppose that’s what most days feel like. What I wouldn’t give for ordinary. The truth is it was never ordinary with Greg. From the very start he made his mark – arriving 5 weeks early to the surprise of his parents. I suppose it was the trauma of this particular experience that led to Greg’s aversion to arriving early ever again…but he was always worth the wait.

Greg was the boy I was going to marry. He came into my life two years ago…  more


Jonathan Leigh

Jonathan was coming to the end of his first year as a trainee surveyor at the commercial property consultants King Sturge in Leeds, and without doubt had a bright future. He loved the job and the people with whom he worked. He was a talented sportsman but his main love was soccer.

As a schoolboy he was a member of the highly successful Wakefield Schools’ FA under 11 team in 1995/96, and continued to represent the District through to the final under 15 age group in 1999/2000.  He was a member of Rotherham United’s Academy side and was voted player of the season for his College 1st XI and for the Castleford & District FA side in 2002.  He made his full debut for Pontefract Collieries 1st XI in the Northern Counties East League in April 2002.  more


Cameron Strathie

Our precious, beautiful son, born 2 August 1999, passed away 7 January 2006 aged 6 years, he was our first child and our pride and joy. Cameron passed suddenly in our living room whilst watching TV with his little sister Leah, aged 2.

He had been suffering from a bad flu but that day and the 2 previous but he seemed to be on the road to recovery, he had no sign of any illness on that day, the worst day of our lives. He just stopped breathing, I heard a loud snoring noise and found him on his side, his Dad had just popped out and returned just as this was happening. He tried his best to resuscitate him but the ambulance took 20 minutes and although the paramedics also tried their best, just after we got to the hospital we were told the most shocking awful news.  more


Stuart Attridge

Stuart was born on Saturday 11th October 1980 at 9.30pm at the old Redhill General Hospital.  He waited until the Dinner Dance was underway and then made his appearance in his usual rush, with our doctor only just catching him as he was born.  Rosemary's first comment was on how small he was - the lightest of all our children at only 6lbs 2oz.  Who would have guessed he would grow to be the tall, strapping young man that he was.  A placid baby who was content to let his big brother amuse and torment him until he was old enough to retaliate! 

Stuart attended a playgroup and then started his school days at the old Reigate Parish Church School.  His all round talent for sport soon started to appear, and can you believe he learnt to play the violin.  more


Joel Davies

Joel died in his sleep between the night of Wednesday June 8th and Thursday 9th June.  We are still awaiting the inquest but as there was no cause of death found we believe he died of Sudden Adult Death.  We, his parents, were on a 10-day, 24 year belated honeymoon in St Lucia at the time of his death.


He was healthy and very happy, especially that day.  He had rushed home from work to make sure someone was in to sign for his Glastonbury ticket.  The ticket arrived at around 5pm. We only know this as he was chatting on msn to friends saying how ecstatic he was to have them in his hand.  His msn named had been changed to `I have my ticket in my hand'.  The msn messaging went on until around 7.45pm. The last message to someone was `I am off for a bit...be back later'.  more


Alaina Taylor

Alaina was born in 1990 and was a lovely healthy baby of 9lb 3oz.  The delivery was fast, with no pain relief - in fact the nurses were stunned as I laughed though most of it.  Fifty minutes later she was here.  From day one she wanted to see and listen - always wanting to know about things.  As she got older she knew facts we did not, and would put us to shame when she knew stuff.


She is the youngest of three.  Kelly is her older sister who will be twenty in March, and Craig, her brother, was eighteen in November.  Me and Carl have been happily married for twenty one years, and we live in a new four bedroom property that we have made our home.  Alaina has her own room and loved to go and use her computer and put on loud music as soon as she came home from school.  We always had our evening meal together as a family, and we would talk for ages, laughing about the day's events or past events. more


Chris Rice

My son Chris died on Monday 26th September 2005 aged 18 years.  He was at Hengistbury Head, where he taught sailing and kayaking.  He also coached swimming for Bournemouth Dolphins.  He loved working with children and was an inspiration to all whose lives he touched.  Chris achieved in 18 years what many would not achieve in 80 years.


Chris was a county level swimmer, and was diagnosed with HCM at 10 years of age.  We were told that there was no cure.  They tried Beta-Blockers for a time, but they made Chris very tired and seemed to give him symptoms.  Chris was monitored six-monthly at Southampton Hospital, until he was 17 years old.  We went every six months, and my lovely placid son would turn into an argumentative monster every time.  He used to say, "Its pointless.  We all say the same thing every time - is it any better?  Any worse?  No, see you in six months."  more


In memory of my fiancée Deb

The 29th June 2004 is a day that I will never forget!!  The previous day I had left my fiancée to go home to my parents for the night - this was nothing unusual as we were waiting to move into a new home together.  It was about 10pm when I got a text message from Deb saying “I am going to bed now darling, love you, speak to you in the morning”, I replied almost instantly with “Love you too, I am going to bed too, got work early tomorrow”.  We both went to bed happy, expecting to speak to each other in the morning. 


My alarm went off at 5:50am.  I struggled out of bed and the first thing that I did, as every other day when at my parents house, was text Deb.  I wrote the text message, “Morning Darling, how are you today? I really don’t want to get out of bed!!”  I found it unusual that she had not replied within a couple of minutes of me sending this.  more


Stephen Ruggier

My 17-year-old son Stephen Peter Ruggier was a fit, healthy lad who was looking forward to becoming 18 - which was only twenty days away when he died.  He died on 4th October 2004, and was going to celebrate his 18th birthday on the 24th October.

He was always happy and full of life.  He was training to be a mechanic, and had just started his second and final year at college.  He had already achieved his Level 1, which we are all very proud of.

It all started on the Saturday morning when Stephen said he did not feel well.  On the Sunday the doctor came and said that Stephen had tonsilitis, and prescribed him with penicillin.  more


Martyn Luckett

Monday 11 July 2005 was the worst day of my life.  As I stood in the flat I thought this wasn’t happening to me, it must be a dream.  As I waited in the hospital I remember thinking everything will be ok.  Then I watched as the doctor approached me and I knew by the expression on his face that it wasn’t going to be good news.  I felt numb.


All week, silly things have been going through my mind.  I keep thinking what will I say when new people I meet ask me “have you got any brothers or sisters?”  How would I answer them? 


I am a great believer in fate, and that things happen for a reason.  This last ten days have made me question this belief.  But if there is some sort of sense to this tragedy, it would be that Martyn moved up with me so that we could get to know each other before Martyn left this world.   more 


Jonathan Picker

Jonathan and I met back in 1997 and I knew I had found my perfect partner.  We married the following year and had several wonderful years before we decided to have a family of our own.  In 2002 I gave birth to our beautiful son Thomas.  We had so many plans and dreams for our future, now these have been shattered and I have to make new plans alone for Thomas and my future.


It was Wednesday 27th October 2004, Jonathan was feeling tired having been on jury service all day, but as he was home early he decided to catch up with his friends and play 5 a side football.  Jonathan got ready at home and was talking to Thomas, telling him how excited he was that he would be able to go out and buy little shin and ankle pads for him one day and how he was convinced that he would be a fantastic football player when he grew up and would play for England!   more


Sarah Jane Johnson

Sarah died at the age of 29 years on the 18th of August 2000, of an undetected heart condition called Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy.  To see her you'd have never thought there'd be anything wrong with her. She was so fit and active and went to keep fit at the gym and also did yoga. She loved life, and she lived life to the full.


She achieved so much in her life.  She gained 9 "O" levels, as well as "A" levels, and went on to Birmingham University.  At the time of her death, she was an office manager for a company called P.D.C. Brush in Crewe.


Sarah loved watching her beloved Arsenal Football team, and also drawing, sketching, and painting - and she had an "A" level in Art.  She loved listening to many of her CDs and singing to them, and even did a few karaokes and won some prizes as well.   more



My little sister Emelvee, whom my parents nicknamed "bing-bing", passed away on March 31st 2005. I can't even fully describe her because she was a person that was indescribable. There was something about her that draws people to her and love her the instant that they meet her.

She was the most adorable child, my mom would always say that as a baby she would always hug everybody. I loved being with my little sister. Her company was just something that you look forward to.  more


Aaron Lundy

On Saturday, September 18th 1999 my life changed forever.  I received a phone call to come immediately to Coleraine Hospital.  When I arrived I was met by the doctor who told me that my youngest son Aaron was dead. 


Aaron had left home for work at 5am.  He returned at 10am and then went to play a football match.  He never came home.


There are no words to describe the shock and sorrow this had on myself, my wife Ann and our family.  We were told the next day by a doctor that Aaron had a condition called Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome and that he had been diagnosed when he was 16 years old by our doctor.  more


Kay Wilson

It’s now been eleven months since our daughter Kay left us.  We do not have to tell you how we feel, only that she along with her surviving sister Kelly, was one half of our life’s work and soul purpose for living.  We still do not understand why she died save the medical verdict was Myocarditis, underlying cause unknown.

She passed away on the 26th April 2004 one day before her 19th Birthday.  The previous evening was a celebration with her friends for her birthday when she returned home just before midnight.   Five hours later she collapsed on her bed and died instantly without warning.  Medical reports indicate no alcohol, and no drugs - cause of death unknown, and all our efforts to revive her were futile. more


Huw Lewis

On October 21st 2002, my brother Huw Lewis died during a game of football in Saudi Arabia, where he had lived and worked for over four years.  He left his pregnant wife Sarah and 5 year old daughter Molly, as well as a devastated set of parents, siblings, friends and colleagues.  Huw's death was additionally hard to take in as he was extremely fit, having played semi-professional football for many years.  He was also training to take part in the 2003 London Marathon.

Huw was not just my brother, he was also my best friend, and we had grown up playing sport together, drinking together and laughing together.  Our closeness was compounded by the fact that whilst I studied at University in Swansea, Huw was living and working in the city and then, when I moved to Cardiff to do a Masters degree, Huw also ended up moving to the city  more


Pete Reynolds

Pete died suddenly on 13 October 2004.  The shock, and despair his family, girlfriend and close friends feel cannot be expressed fully in words.

Pete was an outgoing and lively 27year old who lived his life to the full. He was a ‘natural’ at most sports and extremely fit.  A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he also played football and was a regular at the gym where he thoroughly enjoyed weight lifting. In 2003 he completed the Stroud half marathon and also came third in the Tae Kwon Do British Championships held up in Birmingham.  There was no sport Pete didn’t enjoy and had recently become skilled at snowboarding and climbing. more

James Kelly

James Kelly

This photo of James was taken a few weeks before he passed away and the photo of him with his younger brother and sisters was actually taken the day before he collapsed.  As you can see from it, he looks very fit and healthy and appears to have nothing wrong with him.  I am so happy I took the children to have the photographs taken that day, as I was in two minds whether to go or put it off until a later date as, but for some reason I decided I may as well go.


The 5 of us had a wonderful day, getting their pictures taken (me getting hit with a beach ball and other items to keep the children smiling) and going for lunch. James also told me a few things I would never have known if we had not gone out that day, e.g. how he liked the feeling of polystyrene (or as he called it polyester) and dipping his chips into ice-cream. more



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