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Why Support CRY?

Every week in the UK, at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die suddenly and unexpectedly from an undiagnosed heart condition. Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is the only charity in the UK offering proactive cardiac screenings to young people between the ages of 14-35. Of the 600 young sudden cardiac deaths that occur each year, 80% are in people with absolutely no prior symptoms. Identification prior to death is only possible with cardiac screening.

Since 1995, CRY has screened over 150,000 young people in order to identify any cardiac conditions that they may be carrying.  In Italy where screening is mandatory for all young people engaged in organised sport, the incidence of young sudden cardiac death has been reduced by 89%.

CRY needs your support in order to raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death, in turn reducing the incidence of young sudden cardiac deaths.

Through CRY’s screening programme, we have identified that 1 in 300 people that CRY tests will have a potentially life threatening condition and 1 in 100 people that CRY tests are identified with a less serious cardiac condition, that could cause problems later in life.

After a young sudden cardiac death, CRY offers emotional and clinical support to affected families. CRY has supported over 1,000 bereaved families. Through CRY’s myheart network, CRY provides emotional support to young people diagnosed with cardiac conditions.

CRY also funds medical research into the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that can cause young sudden cardiac death. CRY has funded more than 20 Research Fellows who have worked to further enhance our understanding of YSCD and improve our ability to diagnose and manage conditions.

For more information on the work of CRY please call 01737 363 222.

Current Projects for Funding


£50 funds the screening of a young person

Since many cases of YSCD are preventable, when heart conditions are detected and treated, lives can be saved. We offer a unique service, as CRY is the only UK charity offering proactive cardiac testing to young people (aged 14-35).

Of the 600 young sudden cardiac deaths that occur each year, 80% are in people with absolutely no prior symptoms. Identification prior to death is only possible with cardiac screening.

Through our screening services, we have discovered that 1 in 300 young people screened are identified as carrying a serious cardiac condition. The results have also shown that 1 in 100 screened will have a less serious cardiac condition that could cause health problems in later life.

A donation of £5,000 would allow CRY to hold a cardiac screening day in which 100 young people would be screened for any cardiac conditions that they may carry.

Bereavement Support Training   

£3,400 funds the training for a bereavement supporter

CRY’s bereavement support services are essential for our efforts to support bereaved families after a young sudden cardiac death.

As part of this support, CRY fully funds a two-year skills and theory residential course (British Association of Counselling (BAC) accredited course), which is solely for parents, partners and siblings who have suffered a bereavement through YSCD.

The aim of running this course is so that bereaved families are able to receive the help of trained bereavement supporters who can empathise with them. Once the counselling course is complete, our qualified bereavement supporters volunteer their time to offer telephone support to others who have been affected by young sudden cardiac death.

Trainee bereavement supporters are required to attend 12 weekend sessions over a two-year period, which costs CRY in the region of £3,400 per supporter.  CRY aims to train 12 people on each course, costing a total of over £40,000.

Research Fellowship

£60,000 funds a research fellow for a year

CRY funds research fellowships in order to further enhance our understanding of YSCD and improving our ability to diagnose and manage conditions.

CRY fellows will also provide the expertise for our screening programme and ensure that all who attend are able to speak with a specialist, on the day, to alleviate any concerns they might have, as well as eliminate the waiting time for the results.

CRY Fellows also improve the quality of cardiological care for those affected by a cardiac condition. This is achieved by increasing the number of specialists in the NHS with the relevant understanding of how to support families after a tragedy. CRY Research Fellows take the skills they have learnt to other NHS hospitals once their fellowship with CRY is complete.

Each fellow is funded by CRY for a minimum of 2 years at a cost of £60,000 per annum. We currently fund 8 research fellows and will need to continue funding these grants in order to maintain and develop our services.

CRY is always looking to expand the number of fellowships we fund to further our research.

Replacement of the Equipment and Refurbishment of the Facilities at CRY’s National Screening Centre at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London

£200,000 will fund the refurbishment of our National Screening Centre

This project would replace the equipment that was donated to us by Phillips through a £1 million donation towards our screening programme in 2007 and also refurbish the existing facilities at our National Screening Centre. Since 2007, we have screened over 120,000 young people and established our centre at St Georges.  As this donation was 10 years ago, the machinery is now coming to the end of its product life.

We need to ensure that our machinery is at the leading edge of cardiology again, in order for us to further develop our screening programme and screen the next 100,000 young people.

A New Screening Centre in Cardiff, Wales

£200,000 would fund a new screening centre in Wales

This screening centre would allow us to increase our screening capacity and to also deal with the demand of our screening services in Wales, therefore reducing the incidence of young sudden cardiac deaths.

As previously mentioned, CRY funds Research Fellows so that they can take the skills they have learnt to other NHS hospitals once their fellowship with CRY is complete. One of CRY’s most successful Research Fellow, will be based in Cardiff as a consultant cardiologist, therefore CRY also has an excellent opportunity to utilise their skills and expertise to establish a new centre.

Establish and Fully Equip a New CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology.

£730,000 would establish a new Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology

In 2010, CRY set-up its first Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology, based at St George’s Hospital, in Tooting, London and funded a team of 4 Doctors. CRY’s clinical team is now made up of 14 people and the hospital is unable to provide the additional space required for CRY to progress.

CRY needs its own centre which is linked with St George’s Hospital for NHS referrals, but provides freedom to develop its screening programme, provide a base for the research team to work together and provide an educational facility for students and conferences.

We require a grant of £730,000 to establish a new CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiac Conditions and Sports Cardiology, a fully operational centre providing NHS referrals, offices for CRY’s clinical team and a cardiology rehabilitation facility. The facility will be used on a daily basis by patients travelling from throughout the UK to be assessed by Professor Sharma and his clinical team

For more information on any of our projects or to find out what else CRY needs support with please contact our Fundraising Team on 01737 363 222 or email If you would like to access our most recent 2015/16 Audited Accounts, please click here.

Previous Support from Trusts and Foundations 

Since our formation in 1995, a number of charitable trusts and organisations have supported. Here is a list of trusts and foundations that have given us permission to acknowledge their support.

A and R Woolf Charitable Trust G M Morrison Charitable Trust The Oakdale Trust
ABBA Trust Global’s Make Some Noise The Oliver Stanley Charitable Trust
Albert Hunt Trust Gwyneth Forrester Pannett Charitable Trust
The Bailey Will Trust Hasluck Charitable Trust Pennycress Trust
Biggart Trust The Hilary Awdry Charitable Trust Pharsalia Charitable Trust
The Black Family Charitable Trust The Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust The Rachel & David Barnett Charitable Trust
Borrows Charitable Trust James Tudor Foundation The Redevco Foundation
Cecil Rosen Foundation The John Cowan Foundation The Rest Harrow Trust
Charities Aid Foundation of America The Joyce Kathleen Stirrup Charitable Trust Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Charitable Foundation
The Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust The Kirkby Foundation Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
The Christopher H R Reeves Charitable Trust The Lady Forester Trust The Sobell Foundation
CMS Cameron McKenna Foundation Ladbrokes in the Community Charitable Trust Thomas Cook Children’s Charity
The Davey Foundation Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund Tudor Foundation inc
Doris Field Charitable Trust The Lynn Foundation UKH Foundation
E C Graham’s Charitable Settlement Mazars Charitable Trust Vernon N Ely Charitable Trust
The Edith Murphy Foundation Mrs H C Beer Charitable Trust The Whitehead Monckton Charitable Foundation
The Freemasons’ Grand Charity Munro Charitable Trust Willie and Mable Morris Charitable Trus
G C Gibson Charitable Trust