Clapham Common 10k in Memory of Natalie Moody

Clapham Common 10K in memory of Natalie Moody

20th March 2011

A group of five friends ran the recent 10k race around Clapham Common, London, to raise money for CRY.

Matthew Curtis, John Miller, Jim Pettiward, David Sorg and Neil Henty used the race to raise over £500 (before gift aid) in memory of Neil’s cousin Natalie Moody who died suddenly about seven years ago, shortly after her 31st birthday and not long before his own. No-one had any idea that Natalie had any problems, and she was survived by two young sons.

With two of the team making their first ever appearance over the distance, and with training regimes varying from the disciplined to the sporadic, the times ranged from 47 to 59 minutes – most happy with their times, though some vowed to beat their times in a future race, and others vowing never to run again! We are more than grateful to everyone who donated hard-earned money to this very important charity.

Neil Henty

Matthew, John, Jim, David and Neil can still be sponsored at