2019 Conference Agenda

Cardiac Risk in the Young International Conference – Friday 18th October 2019: Updates in Sports Cardiology

09.00-10.30       Session: Sports and heart disease
Chairs: Prof Sanjay Sharma, Prof Antonio Pellic

09.00-09.10       Introduction
Dr Steven Cox, London, UK

09.15-09.25       Exercising with aortic and mitral valve disease
Dr Sabiha Gati, London, UK

09.30-09.40       Athletes with dilated aorta; When to worry?
Dr Maite Tome, London, UK

09.45-09.55       Competitive sport and congenital heart disease; New recommendations
Dr Guido Pieles, Bristol, UK

10.00-10.10       Exercise and coronary artery anomalies; Two incompatible entities?
Prof Mats Borjesson, Gothenburg, Sweden

10.15-10.25       Risk stratification in athletes with Brugada syndrome; Does it matter?
Prof Elijah Behr, London, UK

10.30- 11.00      Coffee Break

11.00- 12.00      Session: Distinguishing physiology form pathology in athletes
Chairs: Prof Domenico Corrado, Prof Mats Borjesson

11.00- 11.10      Significance and evaluation of lateral T wave inversion
Prof Antonio Pelliccia, Rome, Italy

11.15- 11.25      Significance and evaluation of inferior T wave inversion
Dr Aneil Malhotra, London, UK

11.30- 11.40      Significance and evaluation of anterior T wave inversion
Prof Sanjay Sharma, London, UK

11.45- 11.55     Right ventricular remodelling in athletes; When enough is enough!
Dr Michael Papadakis, London, UK

12.00- 13.00      Session: Updates in Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
Chairs: Dr Guido Pieles, Dr Michael Papadakis

12.00-12:10       Cardiac MRI in Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy; Time to reassess diagnostic criteria?
Dr Gherardo Finocchiaro, London, UK

12.15- 12.25       Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy; A pathologist’s perspective
Prof Mary Sheppard, London, UK

12.30-12:55       Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy; Looking into the future
Prof Domenico Corrado, Padova, Italy

13.00-14.00       Lunch                       

14:00-17:00       Session: Sports Cardiology cases
Chair: Dr Aneil Malhotra, Dr Joyee Basu

14.00-15.00       Cases Session I: Sports Cardiology Catch 22s in Electrical Disease
Panel: Prof Sanjay Sharma, Prof Domenico Corrado, Prof Antonio Pelliccia, Prof Mats Borjesson, Prof Elijah Behr, Dr Maite Tome

15.00-15.30       Coffee break

15.30-17.00       Cases Session II: Sports Cardiology Catch 22s in Cardiomyopathies and Structural Disease
Panel: Prof Sanjay Sharma, Prof Domenico Corrado, Prof Antonio Pelliccia, Prof Mats Borjesson, Prof Elijah Behr, Dr Maite Tome

17.00-17.30       Quiz – Finding the Master/Mistress of Sports Cardiology!
Dr Joyee Basu, London, UK

17.45                Closing remarks