Garden party in memory of Rory

Helen Gaythorpe, Rory’s Aunt, prepared and donated all the food for a garden party at Rory’s Return at which we raised £302 for Rory’s foundation at CRY. We were entertained by a great magician called Lee at the garden party. He also taught tricks to some of the children to play on their parents. Photographed in the third photo are Rory’s grandma Barbara. His aunt Sue and her mum Dorothy and another Helen, Helen Morgan. The fourth photo shows Rory’s dad Chris centre, flanked by left to right by Josh Mills, Wayne Mills, Jo Mills and Grace Blakely. Wayne and Jo are the mum and dad of Rory’s best mate Dan. Josh is their middle son and also a good friend of Rory. Grace is Rory’s sister Francesca’s great friend and stalwart supporter.
All are great supporters of Rory’s foundation at CRY.

Chris and Anne Embling