Husky Sled Challenge – 10th April 2019

Date: 10th April 2019 Duration: 8 days Event difficulty: 3 stars Pledge: £4,802 Registration Fee: 349

Escape from the noise and stress of everyday living and join us on a week-long adventure in the pristine Arctic wilderness, where the only sounds are the sled running on the snow and the breathing of the dogs.

This unique challenge will offer you an experience of a lifetime and will lead you through a winter wonderland of frozen lakes, forests and majestic mountains. You are likely to encounter lots of wildlife along the way including fox, owl, snow grouse, eagle, reindeer and moose.

The trip will be small and personal; with no more than 10 people in the team. Camping in the winter and caring for your dogs will quickly bond you together to make lifetime friends and lasting memories.

There are two ways in which you can fund your Husky Sled Challenge, both methods require you to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £299 when you sign up for the challenge.

Self Funding with Optional Sponsorship

Pay the tour costs yourself (10 weeks before the challenge) and then fundraise without a set sponsorship target.

Minimum Sponsorship

Select CRY and fundraise a minimum of £4,700. Providing you have raised the funds 10 weeks before the challenge we will pay the tour costs on your behalf with the remaining money coming directly to CRY.

Join us today for what is sure to be a life-changing experience, for more information or to book the challenge, please click here.

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