Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund Piano Recital – 10th April 2019

Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund Piano Recital 

In memory of Jamie who passed away suddenly from a cardiac event, but also in view of a wider range of young people who have died of cardiac events, a charity piano recital is being held on the 10th of April 2019 at Middleton Hall, Hull University.

Cardiac Disease in the Young over the last 40 years has progressed beyond belief, with surgical options where most patients now have an excellent prognosis, a near normal life span. A subset remains for surgical options who can only be palliated and there is another subset with no structural abnormalities in the heart but rhythm problems. Those are the patients you hear about in the News, football players with sudden collapses, sudden cardiac deaths. A great number can be identified on routine ECG and the proceeds for Cardiac Disease in the Young go towards population screening in the young with routine ECGs.

The program itself is designed around this. Schumann’s Kindersczenen is regarding his own Childhood Memories in a set of miniatures reflecting various little scenes. He told his wife that if she felt he was still a big child, he actually decided to reflect back on this and write this beautiful music for her. Schumann is very special to me, not only because he wrote so well for the Grand Piano we know today but also because I was privileged when I came into the UK to be taught by Mavis Nichols, in Leeds who was very acquainted with the Leeds Piano Competition. Mavis was a pupil of Fanny Davis, who was a pupil of Clara Schumann.

The Beethoven sonata Opus 109 is one of the 4 late sonatas where he Beethoven relinquished his anger and triumph and only retains the latter by, as it were, reaching out to the audience, realising his life on earth is limited. The music is very transcendent and full of hope and reconciliation.

This brings us to Faure’s 13th nocturne, which is the last one of his set, which is a French version of the aforementioned Beethoven sonata with wonderful pianistic techniques, making the piano sound very particular.

Money raised from the sales of tickets will go to the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young. To puchase tickets, or to donate, please follow this link to EventBrite: https://bit.ly/2uynVMN