Lovely day in Durham with CRY, a day to remember all our lovely young people who left us suddenly and for us remembering Mike. We don’t know how it happened only that it broke our heart the sudden way you left us tore our lives apart our happy family of four became a broken three. The shock and pain too deep was difficult to see. It was so hard to cope we pushed each other away. The scars that left behind are still with us today. We tried to rack our brains, was there something we should have seen and as the years went by we thought how life should have been. We struggled on with living in the best way that we could and learned to laugh and smile again, though we never thought we would to lose a child in any way is dreadful and unfair. But for no apparent reason, it’s the hardest thing to bear. Though your life was short it was filled with laughter and some tears, we were lucky to have you with us for almost eighteen years. The lovely memories we have of you will never fade away, we still love and miss you Mike, every single day.