My Story

These pages are for you to share with others your experiences of loss due to young sudden cardiac death.

If you would like your thoughts to be included in this section of the website, please email your words, photos / images, songs, videos and poems to or post them to the CRY office (if requested, photos will be returned via Recorded Delivery). A full list of all the written accounts we have received can be found here. Alternatively, you can use the links below to specifically read accounts written by…


Peter Dean Button

Until the 26th July 2007 as a family we had a lovely life. On the 27th July 2007 it came to an end. Our lovely, fit and healthy son died. It would have been about 5.30am in bed with our daughter-in-law at his side. Peter Jnr was 37. The destruction and devastation this caused I...


Paul Mulford

BETWEEN THOSE SMILES The look of mischief The smile disguising the next naughty move The unread tale: Books, cuddles…. too boring! You understood: life was for living, exploring. You rushed at life, running first, never walking. Your early philosophy: To cram as much into each day as possible. Always be busy, investigating and — should...


Joseph Leyland

I would like to share with you a story about my little brother Joseph Leyland. Joe had turned 16 early in August 2016, and had just received his GCSE results (which he passed with flying colours). He enjoyed various activities such as: swimming and running, (but due to his increased symptoms of breathlessness, chest pain...


Katrina Brown

Think back to the quick goodbye hug you and your loved one had this morning. Now imagine it was your last. That’s the image James Brown, 31, plays over in his mind every day. The date was the 2nd of July last year and it was a beautiful sunny day. My wife Katrina and I...


Hannah Taylor

Maureen wanted something said for our granddaughter Hannah and, difficult though it is for me at this time, I know that I want to be the mouthpiece of both of our thoughts. Where to begin but at the beginning. It seems as though Hannah has fought against the odds all of her life. When she...

Friends and Relatives

Christopher David Dixon

Christopher was 19 years old, my stepson and Karen’s only child. He had just found his first love and had everything to live for. On Friday 8th June 2007 he was having a kick-about in Kings Park, Swanage with a couple of mates. He stopped, looked over to Aimee his girlfriend, smiled and waved, and...

Many CRY supporters have found our Bereavement Support service and Bereavement Support Days to be of great help

‘My Story’ is not just for written accounts of your thoughts and experiences following a loss. Please do send us any images (photos / paintings), songs, videos or poems that express your feelings or capture positive memories of the young person that you have lost. Click on the tabs below to browse through what other CRY supporters have sent in.

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