My Story

These pages are for you to share with others your experiences of loss due to young sudden cardiac death.

If you would like your thoughts to be included in this section of the website, please email your words, photos / images, songs, videos and poems to or post them to the CRY office (if requested, photos will be returned via Recorded Delivery). A full list of all the written accounts we have received can be found here. Alternatively, you can use the links below to specifically read accounts written by…


Nathan Butler

Where do we start? There’s so much to tell – as his teacher’s used to say! Nathan was born on 1st April 1989 and even as a young baby he managed to attract a lot of attention – a charm which became more evident as he grew up into a young man. He was always...


David Paul Staff

5th December 1977, David Paul Staff entered this world and made our lives truly happy and at that time the happiest day of our lives. As years passed, everyone who came into contact with him grew to like him, he hadn’t a malicious, vindictive bone in his body. He was a really lovely person to...


Connor Huett

This is my brother, Connor. He was born on October 20th, 1992, when I was aged 4. From early on in my brother’s life my parents knew that something was wrong. Connor wouldn’t give them eye contact and he would hardly ever cry. At first the thought was that he could be deaf, but that...


Jonathan Picker

Jonathan and I met back in 1997 and I knew I had found my perfect partner. We married the following year and had several wonderful years before we decided to have a family of our own. In 2002 I gave birth to our beautiful son Thomas. We had so many plans and dreams for our...


Kyle Thompson

My darling grandson, Kyle, died suddenly and unexpectedly on the 15th April 2008 just four days before his 14th birthday on the 19th April 2008. Kyle collapsed while playing out in a children’s park just in front of his mother’s home (on a very steep hill near Sowerby Bridge, Halifax). Kyle’s mother, my only child...

Friends and Relatives

Peter Elliott

On May 23rd 2010 we very suddenly lost our cousin Peter Elliott. Peter was a healthy 21 year old, even though he had cerebral palsy. He never let this hold him back or get in his way and it did not contribute to his death. Peter’s life was short but he packed in a lot...

Many CRY supporters have found our Bereavement Support service and Bereavement Support Days to be of great help

‘My Story’ is not just for written accounts of your thoughts and experiences following a loss. Please do send us any images (photos / paintings), songs, videos or poems that express your feelings or capture positive memories of the young person that you have lost. Click on the tabs below to browse through what other CRY supporters have sent in.

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