Raising Awareness at King's College, London

18th – 19th September 2008
What a great experience – I really enjoyed myself at the event and the whole of the Cardiology Society committee (including myself) was excited to have the CRY costume and the other supplies CRY provided for us.

I am really glad we have helped raise awareness of the CRY charity and its cause among the KCL students, many of which had not heard of it before.

We hope to run future events during the year to raise awareness or funds for the charity.

For our society personally, the event was also a great success with 19 new members on the day and a further 350 new contacts that may be interested in joining our society at a later date.

This is a big deal for us, as we will have more members taking part in our future events and also more funding to run bigger and better events during the year.

Huda Hamid