'Red CRY at Night' – charity gig in memory of Laura Fox

12th August 2006

redcry1I teamed up with Camilla Keates who lives in Woodbridge – she is linked with CRY through the loss of her cousin, Sebastian English – to set up a yearly music event in this quiet Suffolk town.

This year, we went for the Rock genre of music, with three bands performing for us.

Shut Up Shirley, who performed for me last year; Slippery Penguin, who were very late recruits; and the incredible Ben Scully, an old friend from school.

The theme of RED was very much stuck to by everyone attending, and the hall really did shout out ‘CRY’ everywhere you looked.

Thank you to Camilla and her gang of friends for decorating everything. Also, thank you to my family and friends who helped. With me living in London, they were my minions who did everything for me in Suffolk.

The night was a huge success, with about 130 people turning up. Combined with the raffle, we managed to raise about £1200.

Next year I am hoping to go with a more Jazz themed night.

Mark Fox

People at the event checking their raffle tickets!