Sprowston fun day to raise money for sons of builder who died just before Christmas

Two friends of a builder who died suddenly just before Christmas are planning a family fun day to raise money for his sons’ trust funds.#

Barry McCadden, of Sprowston, was just 34 when he died on December 23, and doctors have told his family the cause may have been sudden adult death syndrome.

His friend Katy Whitmore, of Witard Road, Heartsease, who is organising the fun day with her husband Tom, said his death had come as a bolt from the blue.

She said: “It was a complete shock, We never expected it. They went on a work night out for Christmas. He was absolutely fine when he got back. He was having a laugh in the taxi home, and when he got in he told his wife he had had the best night ever.”

He died the next morning.

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