Trek Patagonia – 2nd-14th November 2019

Duration: 12 Days              Registration Fee: £495            Pledge: £5,935

Trekking via jaw-dropping, beautiful lakes and glaciers on this magnificent challenge, you will also hike along ice-capped cliffs and mountains, forests and grasslands. Camping in spectacular locations, you will be able to appreciate the sheer beauty of Patagonia on this epic adventure.

After enjoying a night in Buenos Aires, you will make your way to Calafate and begin your adventure with the Viedma Ice trek. Following that, you will hike through Estancia lod Huemules, and marvel at the beauty of Pollone Glacier and Laguna de los Tres. Keep an eye out for the graceful condors that you might spot flying high above you as they circle the mountains’ ‘horns’.