Tropic Pamper Events

Tropic is a natural skincare and cosmetics company. Co owned by Lord Sugar and Susan Ma from The Apprentice Series 7, where she was a runner up. Susan is the only non winner Lord Sugar has invested in! All the products are freshly made in Croydon each week and shipped out to customers, so they are very fresh. As a company, we are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Chemical Free, and our skincare is 100% Naturally Derived. We also list all the ingredients on our packaging in plain English.

Our Pamper Events, are fun and relaxed with no obligation to buy, but guests are able to try everything at the time, we also offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.

A typical fundraising event, would run along the lines of me providing the organiser with tickets to sell at whatever price they decide, this usually includes a drink/nibbles and sometimes, for a higher price ticket, food and a Tropic goody bag. You can also have wine on a sale or return basis, with one glass included in the ticket price, the rest will be profit for you.

I also donate a prize for a draw for the sold tickets, but they must be brought along on the night. I will do a game, maybe heads or tails for £1 per person, which again is all for the charity, I will provide the prize. I also do a raffle, £2 per go, half of which will go to you the remainder to the winner in Tropic products. This will increase your total sales, on which I give 10% in cash or 15% in products, which can be auctioned/raffled at the next event. (If not too far away). I also give £5 for every future booking, once it has taken place. I will also make a donation for all future orders which come to me from the event.

Regarding numbers, there isn’t a min/max, but the more the merrier when fundraising!

All that is required is a venue, chairs, a table, access to water and someone to sell the tickets and raffle squares and to gather orders from anyone who can’t make it to the event.

All my contact details are available below, and I am more than happy to chat or meet with anyone to take this forward and provide further details if required.

I do hope we will be able to work together.

Gail Siddall

Tel: 0116 238 7497 (Home) 07979 238857 (Mobile)