Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Below are details of upcoming events. Some are on a set date like the London Marathon while others, such as parachute jump or white water rafting, can be arranged at your convenience. Some are Memorial events organised by supporters of CRY, while others are offered by professional fundraising organisations. There are also some overseas fundraising challenges!

Run for CRY!

Jump for CRY!

London Marathon – April 2012 Date TBC

Well done and thank you to all CRY runners in the 2011 London Marathon. The public ballot for the 2012 marathon opens on Tuesday 26th April 2011. More details about running for CRY in the 2012 London Marathon will appear on the CRY website as they are confirmed.

If you are particularly interested in marathons, half-marathons, 10ks and other running events, these are listed below AND separately listed here

Upcoming Events Date

"12 Dips for CRY" – Orkney

Rishka Magowan, and her sisters Halina and Alusha, are raising funds and awareness of CRY by swimming (or "dipping") at 12 different beaches around Orkney – one every month of 2011. Dipping means getting shoulders under the water and swimming a few strokes, whatever the temperature! Rishka's husband, John Magowan, died on his 30th birthday from an undiagnosed heart condition.

For more information about the dips, or to make a donation, please see http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/nhoj

Throughout 2011

One Million Metres for CRY

"At New Year I made a resolution to do more exercise. As a result I started walking around my local area a few times a week. One day on such a walk I thought why not make it more interesting. What I needed was a goal, something to aim for. The number 1 million popped up in my mind. 1 million what though? 1 million miles, impossible. 1 million metres, now that could surely be achievable? 1 million metres = 1000km or 621.3 miles – a lot of miles, but the more I thought about it the less distant it seemed. My mission is to walk 1 million metres before the end of the year. There was no point in setting a time limit that was never going to happen and I hope to finish it a long time before the end of the year. It's something i will be doing in my spare time rather than going for it all in one go! As well as keeping my resolution and getting fitter i would also like to raise money for CRY, as my cousin Kelly died from an undiagnosed heart condition at age 22." Tracey Ashworth

Follow Tracey's progress at http://onemillionmetres.blogspot.com/

You can also sponsor Tracey at http://www.justgiving.com/Tracey-Ashworth82

The CRY Crusaders – Rugby 7s Team

The CRY Crusaders are a group of young rugby players, deeply affected by a friend's sudden death. They will be playing and representing CRY at a number of Rugby 7s tournaments throughout the country. In 2005, its founding members were playing in an under 15's rugby game, when their team mate and great friend Seb English died suddenly. Exactly the same thing had happened to his Dad a decade earlier. Howard English (aged 32) collapsed and died whilst playing rugby, when Seb was 5. His cause of death was wrongly diagnosed as Floppy Mitral Valve and his widow was told that this condition was not inheritable and Howard's death was a tragic one-off. Sebastian was found to have died of ARVC