Vote for CRY

Vote for CRY section of the website is an amalgamation of  all of the different local and national schemes that supporters and CRY have joined/taking part in to help raise awareness and/or raise funds for CRY. This section also includes schemes that can help raise funds for CRY in day to day life, such as ‘pay per search’ search engines and charity cashback online shopping sites.

Submit and item

If you have signed CRY up for a “vote” scheme to raise money and awareness for CRY you can submit it via our website to be listed below. By adding yours to the list we help other CRY supports back your CRY in your campaign.


List of available schemes

These are just a short list of community voting/ fundraising schemes we have been made aware of. Often local branches of particular companies operate a community giving scheme for their customers to raise funds via.

More information