CRY Raising Awareness Week – 18th to 26th November 2017


Support CRY during Raising Awareness Week by organising your own fundraising event, or displaying/distributing posters and leaflets.

As part of Raising Awareness week we will, of course, be holding our popular annual CRY Great Cake Bake, including a competition for prizes.

Thank you to everyone who has got involved in this year’s CRY Awareness Week.

If you would like to keep up to date with what other supporters are doing to raise funds, or simply for some inspiration, you can see all upcoming events here.

Past supporter led fundraising events & challenges can be found here.


The CRY Great Cake Bake – 24th November 2017

The CRY Great Cake Bake is a simple way for people to get involved in Raising Awareness Week and incorporate their friends, view family, colleagues, team mates, etc. This will be our fifth annual event and we are hoping to make it bigger and better! Raising awareness and eating cake? What could be better!



As part of our raising awareness week this year we have a leaflet available for supporters to download and print out. The leaflet highlights our three key stats about young sudden cardiac death and the importance of screening. Please feel free to give this out at your CRY events to help raise awareness.

Click here to download