Raising awareness of CRY and its objectives can be as easy as a click of a button, printing or ordering posters to display, liking or sharing a post on our social media pages and sharing Youtube videos CRY have produced all helps to raise awareness and save young lives. Through raising awareness if these conditions, the public, medical and sporting communities will be alerted to the symptoms that can lead to a young sudden cardiac death, as well as the potential risks that these conditions carry for an asymptomatic population.

Social Media

Follow, like & subscribe to our social media to get updates & information about the charity and help share, retweet & pass on our messages via your social media to help get CRY’s messages out. Click on the buttons below to find messages that can be sharedinstantly and help raise awareness.

In your community

By raising awareness in your community, the public will be aware of the courses of action that can minimise their risk, including the choice to be screened. We can provide literature and raising awareness materials upon request please email if you have any questions.

Current Campaigns

CRY launches campaign to challenge Government statistics on young sudden cardiac deaths

The national charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) is unveiling an emotive new campaign to urge the Government to commission an immediate review of the evidence behind its National Screening Committee’s recent decision not to recommend a cardiac screening programme for young people in the UK. The long-awaited announcement

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CRY's Patrons

Andrew Triggs-Hodge MBE

“CRY used to be an organisation that I thought would only touch a few people and that I would be lucky enough not to be one of those. In 2008 a good friend died without

Pixie Lott

“I’ve become a patron of CRY as it affects so many young people and it’s crazy that a seemingly fit and young person can just drop down dead. I feel it’s important to raise awareness

Professor Gaetano Thiene

“The fight against sudden death in the young can be won only through prevention and to this aim the collaboration with families of sudden death victims is crucial.”

John Barrowman MBE

“I’m pleased to offer my support to this truly worthy organisation. That so many healthy young people die from this silent syndrome is tragic. CRY is working hard to protect our young people with their