In the UK CRY are best know for raising awareness of young sudden cardiac death, for the support we offer to families after a tragedy, and for the cardiac screening services we offer to all young people. Throughout the rest of the world we are better known for the research we are publishing which is having a direct and immediate impact on clinical practice.

25p in every pound CRY spends goes towards research.

CRY’s research is vital in helping us to better understand the prevalence and causes of Young Sudden Cardiac Death, as well as improve our ability to diagnose and manage cardiac conditions in young people.

Clinical data obtained through the CRY screening programme, at the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease and Sports Cardiology and the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology is analysed and reported by CRY’s Research team in peer review journals to influence policy and practice in the UK and internationally.

CRY’s research is focused on learning from what we do in clinic today to improve the way people at risk are treated tomorrow.

A list, with links of all of CRY’s research can be found here.

CRY’s research is transforming the way we ..