CRY Great Cake Bake 2016

The fifth CRY Great Cake Bake took place on Friday 25th November 2016, as part of Raising Awareness Week. We would like to thank everybody who took part in the CRY Great Cake Bake and for helping to make the event such a success.

Money is still coming in but we are delighted to say that we have raised over £27,000! We had over 110 people sign up for Great Cake Bake information packs and we are really pleased that the event has grown and for the continued support since the introduction of the event.

We have received some great stories about people’s events and seen some lovely photos of all the hard work that went into making them a success – see below. If you would like to add your Cake Bake photos or story to this page, please email


Competition winners
The competition has now closed and the winners have been decided!

Top fundraiser for the Great Cake Bake 2016

We had so many wonderful totals this year, that any of the top 3 totals would have taken 1st prize last year! Thank you for all your generosity. However, the winners are…..


1st place – Adrian & Amanda Topp again take first prize this year, raising a fantastic £3,251.95 from their cake sale that was held in memory of their niece, Bethany Mycroft.


2nd place – Deirdre & Nicky Harris raised a wonderful £2,324.36 from their cake sale that was held in memory of Alan Lumley.

3rd place – Hilary Wagstaff raised a wonderful £2,004.48 from her cake sale in memory of Ethan Jones.

Best cake design for the Great Cake Bake 2016

The cake designs were again extremely impressive in the write-ups this year. It was a hard decision, but a panel of CRY employees debated over their favourites and the order went as follows…..


1st place – The impressive towering Christmas Tree cake from the Cake Bake that Theresa Owen held!

2nd place – The red heart themed cake from the Cake Bake that Deirdre & Nicky Harris held.


3rd place – The butterfly cake from the Cake Bake that Adrian & Amanda Topp held.

4th place – The indulgent chocolate cake from the Cake Bake that Graham & Jenny Loncaster held

Extra Winners

We were impressed with the ingenuity of a couple of our supporters this year so we also awarded books to:

• Angharad Evans and her team of bakers for attempting the mannequin challenge as part of their Cake Bake! (Social media award)

• Narinder Mann who didn’t trust her baking skills and so held a CRY Curry Sale instead!

Great ideas and we look forward to hearing the innovative ways our Cake Bakers will be getting involved in next year’s event! The books are on their way to the winners now!


A&A Motors Ltd
A&A Motors Ltd raised £100 in memory of Jamie Loncaster

Mary Abraham
Mary raised £150 in memory of Philip Abraham

Anna Aristodemou
Anna raised £137.14 with the help of Sophia Lagou at the Cut Above Hair Salon

Kate Bome
Kate raised £836 at Great Totham Primary School in memory of Charlotte Adams

Megan Boswell
Megan raised £265.32 from her cake bake

Judy & Dennis Brookes
Judy & Dennis raised £610 in memory of Greg Brookes

Christine Caroll
Christine raised £250 in memory of Olivia Woodward

Caron Coates
Caron raised £225.50 in memory of Danielle Rowe

Jackie Cousins
Jackie raised £30 with the help of her granddaughter Daisy in memory of Bruce Cousins

Giustina Starmer & Eleanor Cowmeadow
Giustina & Eleanor raised £365 in memory of Daniella Aramo

Heather Coxon
Heather raised £129.82 in memory of Andy Shaw

Penny Criddle
Penny raised £255 from her cake bake

CRY Office
The CRY office raised £126.74 from their cake bake

Andy Dallimore
Andy raised £125 at Poole Grammar School in memory of Dylan Howells

Ingrid Dalrymple
Ingrid raised £120 in memory of Freya Rose Dalrymple

Lindsay Deans
Lindsay raised £160.60

Claire Elford
Claire raised £90 in memory of Gemma Quew

Angharad Evans
Angharad Evans raised £135.02 in memory of Morgan Evans

Sue Fisher
Sue Fisher raised £225 in memory of Philip Standing

Tom & Judy Green
Tom & Judy raised £1,330 in memory of Adam Green

Nicky & Deirdre Harris
Nicky & Deirdre Harris raised £2,509.36 in memory of Alan Lumley

Val Harris
Val raised £600 in memory of Jemima Wilson

Marion Hayman
Marion Hayman raised £407 in memory of Jon Hayman

Paula Hesmondhalgh
Paula Hesmondhalgh raised £400 in memory of Matthew Hesmondhalgh

Fiona Hewitt
Fiona raised £60.50 in memory of Ryan Henry

Alison Howells
Alison Howells raised £145.60 in memory of Ceri Palmer née Howells

Graham & Anne Hunter
Graham & Anne Hunter raised £605 in memory of Claire Reed

Henrietta Inman
Henrietta Inman donated a recipe and sold one of her cakes on her market stall raising £25 for CRY

Fakhra Janjua
Fakhra raised £67.64 in memory of Amjad Janjua

Liz Kerwood
Liz raised £45 in memory of Jenny Kerwood

Janice Klizke
Janice, along with her sisters Judith and Yvonne raised £334 in memory of Nicola Klitzke

Paul Klitzke
Paul raised £1,098 in memory of Nicola Klitzke

Maria & Charlotte Leyland and Alan Machin
Maria, Charlotte & Alan raised £680.61 in memory of Joseph Leyland

Graham, Jenny, & Ross Loncaster
Graham, Jenny, & Ross raised £1,700 in memory of Jamie Loncaster

Narinder Mann
Narinder Mann raised £580 in memory of Balinder Mann

Jane Marucci
Jane raised £53.50 in memory of Adam Lynas

Ellery McGowan
Ellery McGowan raised a total of £700 in memory of James McGowan

Mountbatten School
Mountbatten School raised £75.73 in memory of Philip Standing

Nottingham Trent Tigers Cheerleading Team
The Cheerleading team raised £193 in memory of Lily Webster

Theresa Owen
Theresa Owen raised £351 from her cake bake

Jade Pendreich
Jade raised £145.68 in memory of Jenni & David Paul

Kay Rawlinson
Kay Rawlinson raised £400 in memory of Craig Rawlinson

Peter & Sue Robinson
Peter & Sue raised £175 from the cake bake held at Peter’s office

Zenia Selby
Zenia Selby raised £59.02 from her office cake bake

Natalie Sharp
Natalie and colleagues raised £901 in memory of Katrina Christopher and Cheryl Christopher-Webber

Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw raised £605 from her cake bake

Lesley Sheridan
Lesley Sheridan raised £210 in memory of Paul Sheridan

Jennifer Smiley
Jennifer Smiley raised £704 in memory of David Smiley

Staffordshire Police HQ
The Staffordshire Police HQ raised £161.50 in memory of Joseph Leyland

Sara Taggart
Sara raised £415 from her cake bake

June Thomas
June Thomas held a cake bake in memory of Jack Thomas

Lynne Thomson
Lynne held a cake bake in memory of Callum Staple-Hughes

Mary Tomsett
Mary Tomsett and family raised £1,047 from different fundraising events in memory of Andrew Carter

Adrian & Amanda Topp
Adrian & Amanda Topp raised a total of £3,251.95 in memory of Bethany Mycroft

Janice Tuite
Janice Tuite raised 460 in memory of Ceri Palmer née Howells

Vistex Ltd
Vistex Ltd raised £294 from their cake bake

Hilary Wagstaff
Hilary Wagstaff raised £2,004.48 in memory of Ethan Jones

Helen Walcott
Helen Walcott raised £203 with help from colleague Zoe Phipps

Julia Yorston
Julia raised £279.70 in memory of Michael Yorston