CRY volunteers


CRY volunteers are vital when it comes to keeping on top of all the ongoing activities in the CRY office.

CRY has an excellent group of volunteers who support in-office activities, such as putting together packs of literature, helping in the CRY despatch department, taking away our rubbish, keeping track of merchandise stocks and much more besides!

We are always interested in recruiting more CRY in-office volunteers, so if you would like to help us out and are willing travel to the CRY office in Leatherhead, then please do contact the CRY office on 01737 363222 or alternatively e-mail:

The CRY office is in LeatherheadĀ in Surrey, close to Leatherhead Station. Click here for a local map showing CRY’s location.

To give you an idea of the kinds of tasks you might be involved in as a CRY in-office volunteer, here is a list of just some of the things the volunteers have done:

  • Helping to prepare small CRY mailshots
  • Looking for errors / broken links / out-of-date pages on the CRY website
  • Fundraising event administration – e.g. maintaining spreadsheets, sending out letters, calling supporters, etc
  • Filing
  • Tidying and taking away rubbish
  • Making up packs of literature for CRY special events (e.g. Parliamentary Reception, conferences, etc)
  • Keeping track of levels of CRY stock (e.g. T-shirts, badges, etc)
  • Folding leaflets that have been printed in-house
  • Printing out / photocopying CRY literature
  • Proof-reading draft copies of CRY literature
  • Finding out information from the CRY database
  • Processing Christmas card orders

We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities – please do get in touch if you would like to help!

We would like to thank the following people for the time that they have given to help out in the CRY office:

Jude Heather
CRY supporter Jude Heather has been busy phoning gyms, leisure centres and sports centres, and persuading them to display CRY leaflets, posters and parachute jump flyers.

She has been extremely successful, and in just a few short weeks we have sent out information to over 60 places contacted by Jude! She has also hand-delivered leaflets and parachute jump flyers to a number of doctors’ surgeries and pubs. Well done Jude!

  • Elaine Dunne
  • Malcolm Dunne
  • Pat Ure
  • David Harbour
  • Jo Blacoe
  • Emma Corbett
  • Barbara Belham
  • Joan Clarke
  • Jo Harbour
  • Carol Heatherington
  • Ruth Melville
  • Pat Stevens
  • Sophie Roscoe
  • Yvonne Williams
  • Joy Surgenor
  • Cordelia Joneson
  • Jenny Edwards
  • David Miekle
  • Helen Gray
  • Rosemary Westerman
  • Sheila Allan
  • Charlotte Payne
  • Abbie Bender
  • Zoe Rodd
  • Madeline Payne
  • KarlaGriffith
  • Bill Taylor
  • Nigel Bennett
  • Lucy Clifford-McBrinn
  • Janette Pollard
  • Thanks to volunteers from Pfizer pharmaceuticals for repainting the CRY office

Volunteering out of the CRY office
If you would like to volunteer to help CRY but you do not live near the CRY office, then please do still contact us, as we will be able to pass on your details to your local CRY Representative. From time to time, your local CRY Representative may then contact you to ask for your help with a specific event or initiative. You can also do important voluntary work for CRY by organising your own awareness raising or fundraising events, or by distributing CRY leaflets and posters.
If you would like to help with CRY events such as the London Marathon, CRY Bridges Walk or Raising Awareness Week then please e-mail:

We would like to thank the following volunteers for the time they have given to help CRY in an off-site capacity:

  • Pat Dennington
  • Patricia Quigley
  • Patsy Mourtzinos
  • John Dennington
  • Priyanka Sharma
  • Jo Pickard
  • Jim Holland
  • Barbara Holland
  • Arti Gani
  • Paul Rumley
  • Christine Rumley
  • Martin Appleby
  • Gerry Wright
  • Paul Vickery
  • Adrian Buckland
  • Mark Hearne
  • Marcia Hearne
  • Natasha Suggit
  • Sue Walton
  • Dave Walton
  • Helen Armstrong
  • Koula Louki
  • Nicky Appleby
  • Colum Dolan
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Tanea Neville
  • Vicky Pearson