13 Young people with heart abnormalities found so far thanks to CRY and Philips’ first free testing tour

Today, charity Cardiac Risk in the Young and health and well-being company Philips unveil the first results from their Test My Heart Tour 09. The tour visited 13 locations in England and tested over 2,000 young people’s hearts to detect any abnormalities that could lead to Sudden Death Syndrome.

tmhbrentford1Currently, 13 young people have been found to have heart abnormalities from testing that had taken place on the tour. These conditions, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed, have now been referred into the system so that GPs can arrange appropriate follow-up medical treatment from experts.

Testing took place in a mobile unit, sponsored by Philips, consisting of three rooms where Philips’ ECG and ECHO equipment has been used to test young people. A doctor and team of physiologists have been present at all locations throughout the tour.

Statistics tell us that currently 12 apparently young and fit people die each week in the UK from Sudden Death Syndrome.*

A simple ECG (electrocardiogram) or ultrasound non-invasive scan can detect these abnormalities before they prove fatal.

The tour finishes today in Brentford, London at Brentford FC’s Griffin Park.

Brentford FC are currently managed by CRY Patron Andy Scott, whose own football playing career was cut short after he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Initial results of CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour 09
The initial results of over 2,000 young people tested during the CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour 09 show that 8.8% of all those who had an ECG required a supplementary ultrasound test. Potentially fatal heart conditions were found in four young people, including two cases of Brugada, a Cardiomyopathy and a WPW. Other important conditions requiring surgery or lifestyle modifications were found in a further nine people. In all, nine different types of heart condition were identified.

Peter Maskell, Chairman, Philips UK, said: “The results of the CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour demonstrate the importance of screenings, particularly for those involved in competitive sports. We have identified a number of cases which may have proven fatal if left undetected, highlighting how much needs to be done to prevent Sudden Death Syndrome. With our heritage in healthcare Philips is extremely proud to have partnered with CRY in this initiative.”

Alison Cox, CEO, CRY, said: “80% of young people who die suddenly have no previous symptoms and the only way to find out if they are at risk is through screening. These results show that screening can save the lives of fit and healthy young people who have no idea they are at risk. CRY is most grateful to Philips for making this high impact tour possible and to our bereaved families and the Gwyneth Forrester Trust for sponsoring the free places we have been able to offer.”

Sir Ian Botham as you have never seen him before
To celebrate the culmination of the CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour 09, cricket legend and Honorary CRY President, Sir Ian Botham, 53, underwent an ultrasound examination using the latest Philips’ ECHO equipment. The result, the first ever image of the heart of Sir Ian Botham, is released today.














Sir Ian Botham OBE, Honorary CRY President, said: “The CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour 09 has detected potentially fatal conditions in people that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. The painless procedure I underwent can save young lives and that is why the work that CRY has done with Philips to bring about this tour is so important.”