20 Years of Cardiac Risk in the Young

“We have now come to the end of Cardiac Risk in the Young’s 20th anniversary year. It is astonishing, looking back, to see how much CRY has achieved in 20 years. We have produced a short video to show how the CRY office environment has changed from when CRY first started in a back room in my house in 1995 – with just myself and 2 volunteers, before we took on our first employee Tony Hill.”

“In 1999 we moved to an industrial estate unit where we expanded from a handful of staff to 26 office staff over the 13 years we occupied the unit. By 2013 we had outgrown our old office and moved to new premises to accommodate our expansion and CRY’s growing support and screening programmes. There are now nearly 40 employees working for CRY in the office, as well as almost 100 additional support staff, screening technicians and doctors working with us around the UK”.

“Thank you for your incredible support and making CRY what it is today”

Alison Cox MBE, CRY Founder