London Landmarks Half Marathon 2019


Thank you and congratulations to the 69 CRY runners who took part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday 24th March 2019!  We were so pleased that we managed to see and cheer on all of our runners on the day, despite the 13,000 runners taking part.

We were fortunate that the weather was sunny and bright, and the buzzing atmosphere along the route really made the day special. With choirs, musical performances, dance acts, themed cheer stations and historical activities, the event atmosphere was really brought to life. We saw some fantastic costumes along the route, including CRY’s two mascot runners participating in the inspiring mascot relay race at mile 5-6, and, of course, the enthusiastic CRY cheering teams who spurred on our CRY London Landmarks team to the finish!

The 13,000 runners started at Pall Mall, finished by Downing Street and ran through both the City of London and the City of Westminster. Mile markers revealed quirky facts to reveal London’s hidden secrets. There were fabulous views along the route of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column, the Gherkin, the Shard, the Tower of London and the London Eye.

CRY staff Rhianne Watson, Nicola Wright, Chloe Watson and Hiddy Denizer were there on the day along with our amazing volunteers Lucy Bowyer, Beth Cox, Ada Zguros, Lisa McCullough, Wendy and Robert Panton and their daughter, Leon and Wendy Griffiths, Linda Bilboe, Lynn and Tony Beadle, and Diana Hunt at a few different spots along the route to cheer on all 69 CRY runners. We were so glad that we were able to see all of the CRY team, many of whom we managed to see more than once. Our noisy new cheer items including megaphones, cowbells, clap banners and whistles really helped us to stand out from the crowd! Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and, once again, it was lovely to see so many groups of family and friends, united in support of their runners.

The runners in the CRY team were: Peter Fancourt (running in memory of Taylor Panton); Michael McCarthy (running in memory of Amanda McCarthy); Ryan Scarff (running in memory of Ben Ramsay); Susan Pearce (running in memory of Benjamin Robert Percival); Sian Davidson (running to support CRY); Suzanne Rowan, Debbie Millar, Victoria Marshall, Lisa Giove, Joyce Davies, John Hyland, Laura Falconer, Sherry Mcdonagh, Dawn Busby, Paul Cree and Waverley Grainger (running in memory of Robert Rowan); Claire Speer (running in memory of Leon Walker); Kelly-ann Vannorden (running in memory of Elizabeth Ransom); Leah Pearson (running in memory of Lily Grace Webster); Pippa Wood (running in memory of Matthew Cragg & Cameron Corrie); Gwyneth Franklin (running in memory of Gemma); Gabriella Hill (running in memory of Nic Willoughby); Amy Powell (running in memory of Richard Field); Cliodhna Ni- Riain, Kate Lynch and Sorcha Ni­ Riain (running in memory of Deirdre Lynch); Jayesh Makan (running to support CRY); Anne Chambers and Jamie McMillan (running in memory of Andrew Lancastle); Marie Richards (running in memory of Joanne Tew); Marina Tomsett and Victoria Robins (running in memory of Andrew Philip Carter); Eleanor Ruth Mather, Lucy Boobyer, Phoebe Eaton, Georgia O’Connor, Amber Coleman, Emma Strachan, Lucy Portsmouth and Lucy Clowes (running in memory of Andy Kenny); Ashlei Paige O’Brien (running in memory of Kayleigh Rianne Griffiths); Noel Fitzgerald, Kiley Ganderton, Joshua Jacobs, Kevin Watts, Lindsay Duncan Harris, Samuel Ashdown, Teddy Bevan, Paul Bryenton, Conor Gray and Roisin Gray (running in memory of Anthony Fitzgerald); Lauren Shukru, Victoria Kirk, Karen Anne Frances Wilcox and Paula Hawkins (running in memory of Freya Cox); Bethany Williams and Annie Williams (running in memory of Aaron Dixon); Susan Gibbs (running to support CRY); Andrew Francis Howie and Sarah Ramsey (running in memory of Ben Daniels) Jennifer Cambell (running in memory of Ariana Layla Jahangir); Kate Hare (running in memory of Richard Brember); Farhana Arjumand Ara (running to support CRY); Alejandra Miyazawa (running to support CRY); Janet Sharples (running in memory of Ryan Mark Terry); Tammy Chan (running in memory of Terry Chan); Richard West (running to support CRY); Stephen Kelly (running in memory of Michael McCullough); Noelene Russell (running in memory of Leon Walker).