A Mother’s Grief

CRY has developed areas of support resources to help bereaved fathers, mothers, partners, siblings and friends who have been affected by a sudden cardiac death. Each area focuses on the relationship of the grief, creating a peer to peer network of support, in the hope that this will help others feel less alone in their experience and their feelings.

CRY developed the “A Fathers’ Grief following a young sudden cardiac death”, this is part of the library of support resources CRY offers. The booklet contains ten personal stories from fathers who have experienced a tragedy due to a young sudden cardiac death. CRY has also developed two additional booklets for the series, one focusing on the Christmas period and the other on anniversaries following a young sudden cardiac death. All the booklets are free to order and/or can be read online. 

CRY also has online support groups via Facebook. There is a general support group and ones which are relationship specific. These groups were created to offer a more easily accessible peer to peer support network.