An Angel’s Message – by Aimee Pattenden

An Angel’s Message

An angel flew down from above
She was looking for the perfect soul
Someone filled with innocent love
As a new angel to enrol

He had to be sweet and kind
A perfect angel to be
Not the quickest soul to find
She knew it wouldn’t be easy

But there he was sat in class
As perfect as could be
She had found her ideal angel at last
To make others happy

On the shoulder she did tap him
And whispered in his ear
A new life he was about to begin
One without any fear

So up to heaven she did fly
With her new angel in tow
He didn’t get chance to say goodbye
But there’s something he wants you to know…

He misses you every single day
And loves you very much
He wants to wipe your tears away
With his healing angel touch

Happiness is all he wants for you
And to help heal the pain
He is sorry for what he has put you through
But promises you’ll see him again

So to finish off be very clear
That Dan is having a ball
His new life is filled with cheer
And no sadness AT ALL.

In memory of Dan Vavasour, by Aimee Pattenden