Ashley Trigg

Our beautiful Ashley died on the 1st of April 2016.

That was the day a bright shining light went out, our world became a darker place and our hearts were broken forever.

Ashley was 25 years old, she loved life, she lived it to the full and was happy and in a good place. She was fun loving, generous, kind, talented and thoughtful, the list goes on. She had an amazing giggle and laugh, once she started to laugh, you had to wait for a few minutes to find out what was so funny. It could be a joke that no-one else found funny or just a picture that came into her head during a conversation but whatever it was, you were drawn into her world.

Ashley was… is our precious daughter and an amazing sister to Megan, a truly good human being, beautiful, inside and out. She loved her family, we were her world and she was ours.

She made time for people and when Ashley became your friend, it was hook, line and sinker, she was there for you, whatever.

Ashley had been a majorette since the age of 2, she was an outstanding twirler, winning many trophies and national titles. She was also a majorette judge, trainer and examiner. She was at a training session with her troupe, training for the national championships, when she collapsed and we just could not save her.

We had no idea and neither did she, that she had an undiagnosed heart condition.

Her sudden death, affected not just us but so many people, it was like a shockwave effecting young and old.

I found C.R.Y while searching the internet for answers, we had all already been tested but this amazing charity does so much to help other families.

Please if you are reading this, consider getting your young ones tested, it’s quick, easy and painless and it will give you peace of mind. I wish with all my heart, we had known about this years ago, I am convinced it would have saved Ashley.

People tell you, time will heal, I am sorry but it doesn’t, you just learn to live and get through each day as it comes.

We will never get over losing Ashley, it changed our lives forever but we are trying our best to raise awareness, by telling everyone to get their young ones tested, so they can have the futures they deserve.

We love and miss you Ashley, every second of every minute, of every day xxxx