Bobby Vinod Puri

On 30th June 2003, we sadly lost our loving brother Bobby, at the tender age of 29.

It was unexpected, sudden, and the most devastating event that shook all our lives.

He was the eldest of 4 siblings, the apple our of parents’ eyes.

He was fun-loving and made all those around him smile and want to be around him.

His loss has left a void amongst family and friends, who until this day will never understand how such a special person could be taken away so suddenly.

He was found at home unconscious on this day by our youngest sibling, who immediately called for emergency services. When taken to hospital, we were told he had gone, that he suffered from sudden death syndrome.

He had not been unwell or complained of any prior illness, which is why the news came as such a shock to us all.

He remains in our hearts, thoughts and memories always. No one day or special occasion goes by without him being dearly missed.

Always in our hearts dearest Bobby, we pray that wherever you now are that you are happy and loved.

Love you always,

Susan, Neenu and Vishal xxx