Cake sale in memory of Ethan Jones


I hold a cake sale every year in memory of my son Mattie’s friend Ethan who died suddenly of an undetected heart defect at the tender age of 6 in 2010. Mattie also now holds his own event to support Ethan’s memory and this year had his own very successful cake sale at school .

We made over 400 cakes for that and had a queue of hungry students out of the lunch room and as we had so many cakes they closed the tuck shop too to encourage the children to buy cakes instead!

My sale is supported by many friends and family who come every year and make the most wonderful cakes to sell and they spend lots of money too buying delicious goodies! I hope it helps in some small way and maybe will prevent this happening to another family. Looking forward to next year.

Hilary Wagstaff