Cameron Strathie

Our precious, beautiful son, born 2 August 1999, passed away 7 January 2006 aged 6 years, he was our first child and our pride and joy. Cameron passed suddenly in our living room whilst watching TV with his little sister Leah, aged 2.

He had been suffering from a bad flu but that day and the 2 previous but he seemed to be on the road to recovery, he had no sign of any illness on that day, the worst day of our lives. He just stopped breathing, I heard a loud snoring noise and found him on his side, his Dad had just popped out and returned just as this was happening. He tried his best to resuscitate him but the ambulance took 20 minutes and although the paramedics also tried their best, just after we got to the hospital we were told the most shocking awful news.

He was a very happy, active, fun loving boy, he loved nothing more than to play outside with his friends and cycle on his bike. He was also a big football fan and supported Heart of Midlothian, where he went faithfully with his Dad as they were season ticket holders. The club invited us through afterwards to pass on their condolences, and the staff and players were fantastic, a day Cameron would have loved.

This is the last picture I took of him at my Mum and Dad’s house on New Years Day 2006, where we were having a family meal, he is wearing his jammies as he had had the flu.

He is greatly missed every second of every day by all our family, friends, neighbours and school friends and teachers.

His death has been diagnosed as ARVC. On 7th October 2004 whilst sleeping he stopped breathing and went unconscious, only brought round by resuscitation from his Dad. Hospital staff diagnosed sleep apnea, we feel that this was a milder attack of SADS and only wish we had pushed for further testing. This is so easy in hindsight, as we never in our wildest dreams would suspect a 5 year old to have heart problems, but every day I wish someone had told me about SADS.

Maybe through this someone will read our story and remember Cameron, and not have to suffer the terrible pain, anguish and sorrow that we will have with us forever. Cameron we love and miss you so much darling.