Cardiac screening event is held in Shetland with more than 200 people screened

More than ten people have been referred for further checks following the event.

It was organised by the local group Shetland Heart Screening, which is made up of three committee members Siobhan Pirie, Fern Johnson and Andrea Laurenson.

The group was formed a few years ago when Pirie’s husband John unexpectedly passed away in 2017 at the age of just 29 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The screenings themselves were facilitated by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, and a team of seven headed to Shetland from the mainland.

The fundraising campaign for screening events is continuing with the hope of holding more in Shetland in the future.

The screening event was made possible thanks to a fundraising drive in the community, as well as support from some local sponsors.

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