Cars star in charity trip

A car club in Crewe is set for a Mini adventure as it prepares for a charity drive. Crewe’s Missiles, a club which shares an appreciation for Minis, has organised the trip in support of CRY, a charity that raises awareness of cardiac risk in the young. Crewe’s Missiles member Joanne Woolrich, of Frank Webb Avenue, said: “The club has been established for eight months now. Usually we do these runs just for fun, but this is the first time we have all really got together to support a charity. “I suggested CRY as I’m a close friend of Karen Reece who lost her son Daniel Boughey to SADS – Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. The charity has helped her and now we want to support them. We hope she will see us set off. “On this occasion it is only members from our club who are invited to join in. Already we have had a fantastic response, with 25 Minis definitely signed up. The minis will set off on Sunday, March 25 from Marshfield Bank Community Centre. The route has yet to be finalised, but Barmouth will be the first destination via Bala, with another three stops for re-grouping. Each driver involved will e asked to donate a minimum £5, and will receive a plaque to place on the front of their car stating the purpose of the run. Joanne added: “We hope to organise more charity runs in the future. We are dedicated to supporting CRY for the next 12 months and even hope to set up a CRY stall at any car shows we attend. “We would like to thank Mini Mine and Smithsons Motors Factory in Stoke for their support and Arthur Gerrard who has made a donation towards the cost of the run. “Together they have made up plaques, so now any contribution will go directly6 the charities. Finally, I would like to thank all the club members who have helped to organise this charity run.