Benjamin Michael Smith

One year ago today (15th May 2017), our beautiful 16 year-old son, Ben, was taken from us. Not a victim of violence, or an accident, or an illness. He simply died. I desperately want to believe in God & heaven…to take some comfort from that but if there is a God, a loving God as […]

Madeleine Mulcahey

Madeleine died in December 2000 when I was 38. She was 2 and had been suffering from flu-like symptoms for several days. Jane, my wife, had taken her to the doctors a few times, only to be told she was being a neurotic mother. Madeleine hadn’t been feeling well all day and was very quiet. […]

Stuart Ross

Stuart (aged 25) collapsed and died on the afternoon of Saturday 21st September 2013 while playing football for the second’s team at Islandmagee Football Club. Up to that point he had been perfectly well and to the best of our knowledge had no symptoms or anything wrong with him that we would have been concerned […]

Chris Doyle

On January 9th 2007, my son Chris Doyle, after having played a game of soccer, went home and complained of not feeling well. His mum sat up with him and Chris insisted on going to bed and told everyone he would be OK. His mum went to wake him for school (Galashiels Academy) but found […]

Tom Clabburn

Today should have been my son’s 15th birthday. Instead I am writing about life after Tom. Tom died in his sleep in October this year of an undiagnosed heart-related condition. He had been fit, active, healthy, doing well at school, bright and happy. We were not, in any way, prepared. This is not about my […]

Claire Dee Shapland

From the day Claire was born there was no mistaking she was a little girl, her sparkling blue eyes and smile would bring warmth to everyone who met her, feminine to the ends of her eye lashes. As Claire grew up in to a young lady her personality was one of embracing the love of […]

Amanda McCarthy

On the morning of Sunday 12th October 2008, myself and my wife Beverley were sat at home with our morning cup of tea. Beverley had just returned from dropping our son off to do his local paper round. When the phone rang, Beverley answered it and I immediately saw the colour drain from her face, […]

Kieran Formby

It’s now 8 months since, on the eventful evening of 13th September 2008, we learnt our dearly beloved son Kieran had died and left us. I am sure that we do not have to tell you how we feel, only that he along with his surviving sister Sinead, they were our very reason and purpose […]

Lisa Shepherd

My name is Michael Shepherd and I’m 53 years old. I live with my wife Janice, 51, and son Liam, 23, in Bolsover – a small town 6 miles from Chesterfield in Derbyshire. All was well in our lives until the horror, which came on Friday 19th May 2006. Our daughter Lisa, 23, a staff […]

Adam Payne

If you are reading this story of our experiences, following the death of our son, then you will fall into one of 3 categories. The first and most important group are those directly affected by such events. The fact that you are reading this if you have recently lost someone is a positive sign as […]