Joseph Leyland

I would like to share with you a story about my little brother Joseph Leyland. Joe had turned 16 early in August 2016, and had just received his GCSE results (which he passed with flying colours). He enjoyed various activities such as: swimming and running, (but due to his increased symptoms of breathlessness, chest pain […]

Ciara Agnew

My sister Ciara was full of life. She was two years younger than me. Growing up we had the usual fall outs sisters have but as we reached our teenage years we became more than sisters, she was my best friend. You would never see one of us without seeing the other one which people […]

Aaron Cushnan

I would like to share my story about my brother, Aaron Cushnan. Aaron had just turned 18 on the 18th January 2011. He had so much going for him.  He was born with severe learning difficulties and epilepsy and was diagnosed at a young age with autism; but he overcame everything that the doctors told us […]

Nolan Foley

It was the day after my 28th birthday, 26th August 2008. Everything was going well. I loved my new job and my brother was enjoying the first day of his annual leave.  After a very busy day at work I was rushing to get home to my second job but was confused when my Aunt […]

Sophia Forrester

It is hard to predict what will happen each day, but most days are variations on a theme. Friday 19th of May 2011 felt like a normal day when I woke up, but I never went to sleep that night. At 8.00pm I was informed by a police officer that my little sister Sophia, 19 […]

Joe Parkinson

1st February 2012: me, my brother, my mum and dad all woke up to start a normal day at college and work, not realising that this day was going to change our lives forever and tip our world upside-down. It was 4pm and we were all home. Me and my best friend were having our […]


My little sister Emelvee, whom my parents nicknamed “bing-bing”, passed away on March 31st 2005. I can’t even fully describe her because she was a person that was indescribable. There was something about her that draws people to her and love her the instant that they meet her. She was the most adorable child, my […]

Martyn Luckett

Monday 11 July 2005 was the worst day of my life. As I stood in the flat I thought this wasn’t happening to me, it must be a dream. As I waited in the hospital I remember thinking everything will be ok. Then I watched as the doctor approached me and I knew by the […]

Grant Capell

I lost my baby brother Grant Capell on the 20th March 2007. He was only 16 years old! He was out playing with friends, outside my parents’ house in Ireland in the evening. He was giving a young girl a piggy back, when he put her down and complained of being tired and then just […]

Graeme Blenkinsop

My name is Lynda, and like everyone in this section, I have all lost someone due to a heart related illness. I lost my brother on the 4th August 2006 and it just seems like a dream now! My brother came home that day complaining of chest pains – we all thought nothing of it […]