Charlene Page

Our beautiful daughter Charlene Page was born on the 29th September 1985, and passed away on the 6th July 2005 from SADS.

Charlene had always appeared fit and healthy, and had always kept in good health. She had no symptoms to alert us that anything was wrong.

She was a very lively kid and made friends easily. This was due to her friendly nature and her wicked sense of humour.

The 6th of July 2005 started off as another 'typical day'. My husband and I were setting off to work, and Charlene was going to visit her cousin.

Later that evening, Charlene phoned me to say that she was going to stay overnight at her cousin's house, and that we did not have to pick her up.

My husband and I finished work and went home. We were sitting enjoying a 'cuppa' when the phone rang. When I answered I could not understand much of what my niece was saying……she was not making any sense. All I was sure of was that I could hear the words, "Charlene went to the shops and she is now lying outside……Liz…….she's unconscious."

We drove to my niece's home, but we were too late……Charlene had gone.

How on Earth could this have happened?? She was only 19 years old. The pathologist report could only confirm that Charlene's passing was due to some form of heart defect. The cause of death is 'Unascertained'.

Our daughter's untimely death has devastated everyone who knew her.

We were not aware that young children and young adults were dying of 'sudden adult death', but we hope to get involved in raising awareness about this condition.

People must realise that this is sometimes a 'silent' killer, which could be treated if screening was made available. It is too late to save Charlene but I sincerely hope that screening becomes available to all young children in the very near future.

The proud parents of Charlene

'Gone from our home, but not from our hearts.'