Christmas without Adrian – poem by Kathryn Badon

It will be an empty Xmas without Adrian,
I remember him so full of fun each year,
The presents he would pick were always perfect,
That is why we always held them very dear.
Now we struggle on to give our life a purpose
Whilst in our head we always question why?
What made this terrible tragedy hit our family,
What made my son ,so healthy, suddenly die.
But although we search and search to find a reason
The answer slips away upon the air,
So we have to find the strength to battle onwards
Because an answer simply isn’t there.
Please raise a glass this Christmas to “our Adrian”
Remember his bright happy smiling face,
I know that if I live until 100,
Nothing will ever fill that empty space.
But in my heart I know he is protecting,
Watching what we do somewhere afar,
As I look into the night sky I am thinking
Adrian twinkles in the biggest, brightest star.