Christopher Connor

Words can’t describe the 11th September 2012 which was the day my ‘big lad’ Christopher fell asleep due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Christopher was experiencing pain in his chest and arm on that morning and he visited his GP, his GP diagnosed muscular pain and sent Christopher home with a pain killing gel and tablets. Christopher firmly believed his GP and thought he had ‘just pulled a muscle’ when in actual fact he was experiencing heart problems. I felt shock, disbelief, heartache, pain, anger and helplessness all rolled into one. The days, weeks and months that followed were a blur and to this day our Christopher is still a huge miss. There isn’t a day goes by that he isn’t thought about and missed so much.

Our Christopher was 27 years old and lived with his fiancée and childhood sweetheart Michelle, their little boy Jack who was 3 years old at the time and they were expecting their daughter Laurie in October 2012, Laurie was born three weeks after her daddy fell asleep. Christopher left his night shift job to be a stay at home daddy and Michelle went back to work following her maternity leave, we are now so grateful they had 3 full years together. Christopher loved his little family to bits, their house was such a happy house with lots of laughter. Our Jack was the apple of Christopher’s eye, he took to being a daddy like ‘a duck to water’ and he was looking forward to the birth of our Laurie. He had absolutely everything to live for and his whole life ahead of him. I know Christopher will be looking down on those he loved, especially Jack and Laurie and he would be so proud of Michelle at the fantastic job she is doing bringing their children up.

Christopher was such a fine handsome lad and a lovely person, he was so laid back he was almost horizontal. He was hilarious and could make you laugh while he kept a straight face, we all have so many happy memories. Christopher is my eldest son and he has two younger brothers Andrew and David who he was really close to, they both looked up to our Christopher and they miss him so much. Christopher was loved by everyone who knew him, he was the best son, partner, daddy, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and grandson that anyone could wish for. ‘Sleep Tight Big Lad’.

Ann Connor