CRY International Medical Conference videos 2017


Conference videos 2017

Dr Sabiha Gati                    The athlete’s ECG

Dr Nabeel Sheikh                ECG indices of cardiomyopathy

Professor Sanjay Sharma     International recommendations for ECG interpretation in young athletes

Dr Aneil Malhotra                Screening elite footballers

Dr Harshil Dhutia                ECG screening of young individuals

Dr Gherardo Finocchiaro      Adaptations of the female athlete’s heart

Dr Andrew D’Silva               Effect of regular training in novice marathon runners

Dr Ahmed Merghani            The heart of the master athlete

Prof Mats Börjesson            Prevalence of coronary artery anomalies

Dr Michael Papadakis          Exercise recommendations in athletes with cardiomyopathy

Professor Mary Sheppard    ARVC: Not so right-sided after all

Dr Elijah Behr                    ARVC; Overlap with arrhythmia syndromes

Dr Angeliki Asimaki            ARVC; Novel treatment options