CRY Bridges Walk 2016 in memory of Daniel Nicholls

Our son Daniel passed away suddenly aged 16, although not from a heart condition but a seizure. However we have donated to CRY in his memory before, we raise money for various charities on his birthday and anniversary of his passing.

We didn’t know what to do for his birthday until the leaflet for the walk fell out of my CRY magazine. Talk about coincidences!!! Daniel would have been 20, and CRY is in its 20th year, he passed away on the 10th, it was the 10th annual walk and the walk itself was on the 26th June – his birthday! We felt like he was saying “mum, dad, this is what I would like you to do”, so we travelled all the way from Lancashire to join in the walk, and we enjoyed every moment, the weather was perfect, but it made us realise, we are not alone…

There are so many out there who have suddenly lost the most precious gift we are given in life – a child! We were honoured to walk amongst them, raising money for a very worthy charity in memory of our wonderful children.

Thank you

Lorraine and Eric Nicholls