CRY great cake bake and coffee morning in memory of Jamie Loncaster

Once again, Graham, Jenny & Ross Loncaster hosted a fundraising coffee morning in memory of their youngest son, Jamie, who passed away in March 2015. The event was held at St. Barnabas Church Hall, Swanland and preparations for the day started way back in June!

Along the way, the family had a great deal of help and support including an offer to print and distribute leaflets to every home in their village of Swanland by Browns Leaflet Distribution in Hull. The family are very grateful to Rob Brown and his team for the generous gesture. There was help on the day from friends, family and neighbours – special thanks go to Judith Bishop and her tea and coffee making team!!

Graham’s cousin Dave and wife Rosie, as well as Jenny’s brother John and his partner Lindsey, spent much of the morning selling “Cake Raffle” tickets – folding the tickets up and putting them in the tin to be drawn at the end of the event. It sounds an easy job, but when you’ve spent well over an hour tearing off tickets and folding them up, you’ll understand it’s a thankless task…!

There were some wonderful cake donations from those who attended and some superb Cake Raffle cakes made by Claire Milner and also a Christmas Cake made by Helen Gilmour.

The event started at 9am and by 9.45am the room was full of lively chatter and the sound of cups rattling on saucers. There was abundance of cakes and everyone was able to find something that took their fancy. The family did not set a price for a cup of coffee or slice of cake, but instead left collecting tins dotted around the hall and ask people to donate to support CRY and Jamie’s Fund.

The Cake Raffle was a fixed price at just £1.00 per strip and at least 300 strips were sold….!!!!

The morning flew by with so many friends and family attending as well as other people who had seen the flyer and popped along in support too. Graham and Jenny tried to chat to as many people as possible, but apologise for those that they never got to see! Ross was probably the youngest there, with the exception of babies in prams, so his time was spent helping on the raffle, taking photos and sorting out the video playback on the projection screens too.

The Cake Bake event runs nationally as the culmination of the CRY annual awareness week, which this year ran from 20th to 25th November.

The total raised from the event on the day was just over £1,300 and donations were also received in the couple of weeks that followed.

The grand total amounted to a massive £1,700.00

The family are so very grateful to all those who have supported them since Jamie passed away.

In 2017, the event will be held on Friday 24th November, so please save the date..!

Graham, Jenny & Ross Loncaster